Your Body Is a Battleground[note 1] is the second episode of the third season of ABC Family’s Switched at Birth. It was aired on January 20, 2014.


[2]When her art teacher (guest star Sandra Bernhard) proves to not be easily impressed, Bay is pushed to re-examine her talents. Daphne makes a mistake at the clinic.


Daphne and Toby try to convince Bay to join the newly-formed field hockey team so that they'll have enough players. Bay's confidence in her artistic abilities goes down when her teacher says that her piece on Tank lacks depth and Tank narrowly escapes being kicked out of the class due to not being able to complete his portrait of Bay on the night of the party. John finds out that Kathryn has been hanging out with other people and sneaking off to dance classes, so Kathryn invites her dance friend, Renzo, over for dinner. At the clinic, Daphne and Campbell have to track down a patient after Daphne let him go before properly checking out. She also tries to recruit Sharee to join field hockey after Toby finds out that she's a star athlete. Kathryn is angry at John after he shows signs of being unaccepting towards Renzo and her new hobby. It is clear that she has been unhappy with their marriage recently. Meanwhile, after Emmett catches the Carlton vandal on camera, he suspects that the one who has been targeting the deaf students is none other than one of his deaf friends.


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  • This episode is directed by Kathryn Kennish's actress, Lea Thompson.


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Title Reference

  1. From the 1989 protest poster, Your Body is a Battleground, by Barbara Kruger.


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