This song is created and played by the band called, Right The Stars. It is featured in This Is Not a Pipe episode.


I feel rythym you're all melodic
Fever broke before you ever caught it
Wanted to laugh oh but you fought it back

You ripped my worst day off of me
Tried it on threw it in the back seat
Keep on drivin' never look back
Never look back

Makin' up what's inside of me
Start again rewrite history
Angel crawl from your shoulder down your sleeve

One more slice lonely heart pie
These are the days sun gets in your eyes
Either way can't stop if we tried

We got it all
Yeah yeah yeah
We got it all
Let's go home...

Hear it comin' I know you feel it
We both got it no need to steal it
We can shake the weight from under us

Don't mind much maybe not today
In your heart can't wish it all away
Fight for it
Careful what you say

Whatever you want you can have it
Whatever you want

We got it all...

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