Vanessa Marano
as Bay Kennish
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October 31, 1992




2002 — Present


Vanessa Nicole Marano is an American actress who plays Bay Kennish.

Personal Life

She was born on October 31, 1992 in Los Angelos, California. She has a little sister, Laura Marano, who is also actress. She started acting in the theater when she was seven years old, performing in numerous plays at Agoura Children's Theatre (A.C.T.) in Agoura Hills, California.[1] She began her professional career with several national commercials. Vanessa speaks Italian and is enrolled in her sophomore year in college.[2] Her parents names are Damiano A. Marano & Ellen M. Marano.


Vanessa is most recognized for her roles as April, the daughter of Luke in the highly popular show, Gilmore Girls and for the role of Francesca, the daughter of the Emmy® Award-winning Lisa Kudrow, in the HBO Original series The Comeback. Recently, she starred in Scoundrels playing the scheming, school-skipping daughter of Virginia Madsen. She has had recurring roles in shows including Dexter, Without a Trace, Trust Me and The Young and The Restless. Her guest-starring credits include Parenthood, Medium, Love Bites, Ghost Whisperer, Past Lives, Six Feet Under, Malcolm in the Middle and Grounded for Life.

Vanessa starred as a young girl who becomes a quadriplegic in the critically acclaimed television movie The Brooke Ellison Story directed by Christopher Reeve. Vanessa is working with Lucy Liu on a miniseries playing the troubled foster teenager, Immy, in Marry Me.

Her first film was the animated hit, Finding Nemo, followed by the independent films, Easy, The Clique, Stopping Power, Dear Lemon Lima and most recently The Secret Lives of Dorks.


  • She is right-handed.
  • Her favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls.
  • She had the part of an additional voice in Finding Nemo.
  • She started acting in theater when she was seven.
  • She is the older sister of Laura Marano who is also an actress.
  • She enjoys school, playing the piano, and painting.
  • She likes playing tennis and dancing.

Appearances in Switched at Birth

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