I watched the first two episodes last night and then I visited the wiki to learn more about the first one and saw this written in the beginning of the page:

"[...] and the episode had 3.30 millions U.S. viewers so far."

  • If there is a number before the word 'million' it's used in the singular form. In the phrase '3.30 millions' there is the number '3.30' before 'million' so you need the singular here. If there is no number it's 'millions'.
  • 'So far' can refer to distance or to 'until now.' The episode already aired and finished airing in 2011 not 'just now', it happened in the past and it ended.

Today, I visited the second episode and saw the same grammar mistakes, so I wanted to address this mistake on a blog post because I'm a new editor, I'm not familiar with the policies of this wiki and I'm sure it has some kind of administration or senior users.

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