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    SAB Awards 2!!!!

    June 13, 2013 by Ninaplusfabian

    This is all about the premiere.  Vote in the comments!

    1. Who is the better girl, Bay or Daphne?

    2. Who are the better parents, John and Katherine or Regina?

    3. Should Daphne have yelled at Regina for going to rehab?

    4. Will Angelo be a good dad to his newborn daughter (if they find her)?

    5. Is Daphne bossy?

    6. Which one is a better pairing, Bemmett or Tay (Bay and Ty)?

    7. Will Nikki and Toby work out?

    8. Who's right about the rehearsal dinner, Katherine or Nikki?

    9. Does Bay have a right to be angry at Daphne because of Noah?

    10. Who do you agree with on alcoholism, Regina or John?

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  • Ninaplusfabian

    SAB Awards

    July 8, 2012 by Ninaplusfabian

    Hey fellow SAB viewers! I've come up with some awards that you vote for in the comments below. Please vote! The last day to vote is July 8. Winners will be announced July 9. Happy voting!

    Best Main Character-nominees are Bay,Daphne,Katherine,Regina,John,and Emmett. Worst Main Character-nominees are Bay,Daphne,Katherine,Regina,John,and Emmett. Best Recurring Role Character-Angelo,Simone,Craig,Melody,and Cameron (Bledsoe) Worst Recurring Role Character-Angelo,Simone,Craig,Melody,and Cameron Best Couple-Bemmett,Demmett,Simone and Emmett,Katherine and John,Katherine and Craig,Regina and Angelo,Bay and Ty,Bay and Liam,and Daphne and Wilke. Best Teenage Couple-Bemmett,Demmett,Toby and Simone,Simone and Emmett,Daphne and Wilke,Daphne and Liam…

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