Hey there. Some of you may know from The Lying Game wikia or Pretty Little Liars wikia. Let me start off by saying that I was absolutely hooked on this show since the third or fourth episode. Unlike many of the other ABC Family TV shows, Switched At Birth deals with a situation that does happen, and that people don't necissarily think about when they think of teenagers (don't hate on me-I love most ABC Family shows). So, anyway, I like to post stuff like spoilers, polls, or sometimes even random facts. So here's my first spoilers:

1. Daphne tries to move on (this is just gonna turn out great, BTW) by making out with a bunch of random guys. Good thing Daphne doesn't have a little sister, or something. Because she'd make such a GREAT role model.

2. Someone's got a DUI and its none other than Regina! We know she's an alcoholic who tried to stop. But honestly, after finding out her daughter was switched at birth, hiding it for thirteen years, moving in with her biological daughter's family, and being hated on for keeping that huge secret, I don't blame her for taking a drink.

3. Someone might be a little jealous... during the winter premiere, Daphne goes to a festival that Emmett is playing at, and Bay the festival. My guess is that it was to check in on the two. She still doesn't know they kissed, does she?

Let me know what you want me write about next in the comments below!

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