• Kayson3259

    Hey there. Some of you may know from The Lying Game wikia or Pretty Little Liars wikia. Let me start off by saying that I was absolutely hooked on this show since the third or fourth episode. Unlike many of the other ABC Family TV shows, Switched At Birth deals with a situation that does happen, and that people don't necissarily think about when they think of teenagers (don't hate on me-I love most ABC Family shows). So, anyway, I like to post stuff like spoilers, polls, or sometimes even random facts. So here's my first spoilers:

    1. Daphne tries to move on (this is just gonna turn out great, BTW) by making out with a bunch of random guys. Good thing Daphne doesn't have a little sister, or something. Because she'd make such a GREAT role model.

    2. …

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