I'm gonna sack the quaterback 1,000 times over

Jacob Lyons is the long time boyfriend and now husband of Daphne Vasquez.


Jacob Lyons was born in 1995 to Jack and Hayley Lyons being the couples only child. At a young age Jacob was never into trouble, but his father on the other hand cheated on his mother. Later on during preschool Jacob met Daphne Vasquez who is his first real crush. After he started dating Daphne Jacob met Regina and Adrianna who welcomed Jacob in their home several of times. Years later Jacob attends Buckner, but later decided to attend Carlton even though he is not deaf and Melody allowed it do to the school actually thinking that Jacob has a better chance at Carlton because he is great with the students there. Jacob later becomes the stepbrother of Nikki when his father marries her mom, but Jacob said he could never forgive him for cheating his mother Hayley.


Bay Kennish (Jacob's cousin)

(Jacob's aunt)

(Jacob's uncle)

(Jacob's cousin)

(Jacob's mother-in-law-)*Angelo Sorrento (Jacob's legal father-in-law-)

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