Jacob and Daphne have been dating since they was three years old. 

Jacob-Daphne relationship
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Jacob Lyons and Daphne Vasquez


Husband and wife

Intimacy Level


Other names

Japhne Dacob


First Meeting 

Jacob and Daphne met in pre-school when they were three and had a huge crush on each other. Through out the years Jacob and grow closer to each other and share intrest in Stevie Nicks and other classic rock'n roll and sports they even go to Carlton together and take their relationship to the next level. When they hear about the structure failure of the old Carlton building and moved to a different building which was bought out by Jacob's father in case Carlton had structure failure or decided to close down. The school has three floors for the high middle and elementary students and has a gym and football field so they decide to reopen the basketball program and start a football team. When Jacob's father passed away a day after the Kennish's take custody of him and allow him to stay in the guest house with Regina and Daphne he sleeps on the floor in Daphne's room with her and uses his Mario blanket that Daphne bought him for his 13th birthday and she joins him so she can be by his side. As they graduate they recieve two presents from the school a basketball and free visits when ever they want. Daphne sees other girls hit on him such as Jill and Claire and does what ever she can to keep them away from Jacob. But she soon discovers Claire is his little sister. Jacob means a lot to Daphne in away no one understands and though after he moved away she still calls him a lot or text him saying she misses him very much and was in a fight with Regina about it. Jacob later marries Daphne after graduating which causes fights with him and his family because they don't like Daphne. Jacob takes Daphne to church with him every Sunday. When Jacob becomes obsessed with the Star Wars series she gets really worried. Each time Jacob visits Daphne he tells her morning Daph and that he loves her.


  • Jacob and Daphne have been dating since they were three.
  • Jacob loves spending time with Daphne.
  • When Jacob's birthday arrived Daphne made him a necklace having a photo inside of her for him because she loves him.
  • When Jacob became really sick Daphne was always praying for him and staying by his side.
  • They both go to Carlton before Jacob moved to Arizona and came back.
  • Jacob tells Daphne that the 'dark side' is strong within him.
  • Jacob and Daphne started hip hop classes at Carlton.
  • Daphne supports his decision on playing football.
  • After an accident happended with Jacob Daphne rushes to the hospital to visit. 
  • Jacob suffers from a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital.
  • Daphne decides to wear a church cross necklace and pray for Jacob's safety.
  • Jacob and Daphne share a room in the guest house though Jacob later decides to sleep on the couch.  

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