Jacob and Bay are cousins.

Jacob-Bay relationship
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Jacob Lyons and Bay Kennish





Jacob and Bay are cousins because Jacob's father is somehow related to John Kennish. Bay always hangs with Jacob at Buckner until he switched to Carlton to be with Daphne. They both have an interest in art. They share a bond with each other much to that to the extent of Jacob's bond with Daphne and has grown up around Bay while his father was out getting drunk and refuses to leave her. Bay wasn't happy when Jacob decided to switch to Carlton because she rather wants him at Buckner with her and Toby but there was a reason he left Buckner aside from wanting to be with Daphne it was be cause he was bullied all the time and was always getting into trouble for no reason so they decided he went to Carlton with Daphne. Bay decides to have Jacob live with them since his father is clearly always getting drunk and never comes to get him plus there is a huge fight with getting custody of him between Jack and John which if John gets to have custody of him Jack is forbbiden to see his only son.


  • Bay always keeps a watch on Jacob no matter what.
  • Jacob and Bay share a passion for art.
  • When the 4th of July was going on Jacob wore his headphones to drown the sound out because he really hates loud nosies.
  • Bay gets him a blue jacket along with a heart necklace from her and Daphne to express how much they love him.
  • Jacob owns a pair of night vision goggles in case he has to use the bathroom and doesn't want to use the lights in the house.
  • Bay soon discovers Jacob's knowledge of military tactics. 
  • Jacob doesn't tell Bay how he feels when she fights with John and Kathryn.
  • Bay gets jealous of Nikki being around Jacob.

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