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Jacob's baby sister

Claire is the sister of Jacob and Jill. She is played by Holly Van Geffen 


Claire is a normal 14 year old sister of Jacob and Jill she is very pretty and smart and loves her siblings very much. She is a cheerleader for her big brother and will cheer him on at every football game and makes up some cheers for him like let's go Jacob and other kinds. She prefers not to have a boyfriend because it will take time from her brother and she is afraid to leave his side if she ever got married. Claire really loves cheerleading and playing vollyball though one day in school she gets hurt from falling and is put in the hospital for her injuries and she later learns her brother is having a meltdown because of her being hurt. Her and Jacob's relationship is not that of a normal brother and sister relationship because she never argues with him. Claire is very respectful to people.

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