Updated - April 27, 2015: Okay, I created three explains for the Cast pages. I also made a vote poll for your opinion, but I would appreciate that if you share your opinion on Cast pages. Please and thank you. (NOTED: I don't know why the links won't work on the poll. But, you can click those titles below where you can look in, anyways.)

- Admin Cougar

Which do you think it's proper look for Casts?

The poll was created at 19:31 on April 27, 2015, and so far 1 people voted.

I had looked through those pages of the casts. Personally, I am just disappointed with how the way pages are designed. Some are so ridiculous because some galleries and infoboxes don't need sexy half-naked actors and bikini girls. Some have so many pictures. Honestly, I feel that all of those pages just need to be better updated.

But, I noticed some pages still have long biography information which they already have wikipedia pages. I feel it's not really need to. I would suggest something simple like: Troy Baker who voiced Joel from The Last of Us, Sarah Bolger who plays Aurora from Once Upon a Time, and Dave Fennoy who voiced Lee Everett from Telltale Games: The Walking Dead. Because those actors and actresses already have their own wikipedia, so I don't see any reason to do retell their personal life, personally.

Also, I thought it's nice idea to add a gallery that is related to their works.

Maybe this design would work.

  • 1. A little information on actor
  • 2. Mini Biography
  • 3. Trivia
  • 4. Appearances
  • 5. Movies if apply
  • 6. TV Shows if apply
  • 7. Video Games if apply
  • 8. Galleries: a.) Some pictures of actor; b.) TV Shows he/she appears; c.) Movies he/she appears
  • 9. External Links
  • 10. References

What do you think? Let's discuss and drop your feedback/suggestion/ideas! =)

Admin Cougar

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