“I pinch myself every day and think, ‘Man, I can’t believe this is real,'” co-star Leclerc tells Zap2it of the ongoing ride “Switched at Birth” has given her. “My favorite thing about Daphne is that she’s just a regular girl. She happens to be deaf, but she grieved like any college student would when her father [Angelo, played by Gilles Marini] died. She rebelled, she had moments of glory and moments of defeat, and I feel she’s a very real character. And I’m very grateful that I get to breathe my life into hers.”


Deeming Bay “just a broken human being who doesn’t have anything to claim as her own life” now, Marano allows she was “very nervous” about playing that “very controversial story line. There could have been a lot of negative reaction; my character wasn’t necessarily in the right, his character wasn’t necessarily in the right, and which one was more at fault? Our audience, and the critics, responded really well to it. That motivates you to continue telling different stories like that.”


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