Hello everyone.

I'm going to overhaul this wikia for this week and this month. So, it will take a while time to finish the new version of this wikia. If you are interested in revamp our SAB Wikia, you're more welcome to join with us for feedback, idea suggestion, and else what. Recurrently, I settled chatroom up now, so I'll be there in from 12PM to 11PM. That depends on my personal schedule, but you always can join our chatroom anytime!

For now, What we are expecting for this wikia:

  • Cleaning those comments on pages.
  • Revamping the main page.
  • Re-designing episode and character pages.
  • Improving templates.
  • Double checking on categories.
  • Checking on abandoned or incomplete sub pages.
  • Much more...

Also, I do accept test pages for HTML codes, new looks, and etc. I think that's about all. Have any question? Please feel free to leave a comment here. Thank you for reading! =)

Admin Cougar

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