Character Pages

I notice most character pages have photos but they're all messed up and unorganized, and I fixed some of them. IMO, each character page should have its own photo gallery to improve the look. Additionally, I feel they needs look well ordered and neat. Like this, for one explain, here: . See how it looks so neat and well-organized? But, I am not saying that we should copy it, I am saying that we should keep SaB character pages look well ordered and simple. Do you know what I mean?

As for their character info boxes-- I am kinda of confused how I can use it. Personally, I really like this Regina Vasquez's info box than another character pages where you can see only plain and white color. If we change the color from dark blue to light tan (or tan), it'll be easily readable. I have a hard time to read black fonts on dark color backgrounds. But, I'll leave it up to Admins if they want to change a color for character pages.

Minor Characters and Casts

I notice there are a lack of casts who play minor characters. I can help you guys with minor characters and their casts if you need my help. We might need to research a bit to find out who plays a character and what else. I only know Travis, Travis' mother, and Bonnie. That's it. If you remember any minor character and casts, please let me know, so I'll add to the list. =)

Minor Characters & Casts Lists

  • Travis
  • Travis' mother
  • Bonnie

Set SaB Wikia's New Policy Up?

Maybe we should set new rules up for this Saw Wikia? That will be useful and helpful! Take a look for explain:

Please take your time to read them. So, what do you think? Okay, I can't think of what more. I guess that's about it. Feedback, suggestion, and discussion are always welcomed here! I would love to see this being improved and awesome! =)

Fellow Fan of SaB,


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