I'm back now. I just want to know who's active editors.

Please post a comment to let me know if you are still here and helping this wikia. So, I want to make a meeting with you guys as soon as possible for improvement on this SaB wikia. =)

Admin Cougar

UPDATED: Feb. 11, 2015: I apologized for my absence since Feb. 1st. I have to put this meeting on hold on until my personal things get all resolved then. And here's the Facebook group for this wikia, through it's inactive because I actually don't get chance to post an information on other groups and pages, yet. But, you can inform other SaB fans if you want to. Thanks for reading.

UPDATED: Feb. 1, 2015: It look like we have quite few active editors. I want to let you know that I created a Facebook group for this wikia last summer. It's easy to find that group by searching the same name for this wikia. 

For now, we have:

PokemonFan201, Annabeth and Percy (Should I call you Annabeth or else?), and me. If I miss anybody, please let me know. Thanks~

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