I still haven't add a fanon navigation because it's not official, yet. So, I listened to some fans' feedback and I do agreed with them. What's point of fanon stuff if you're not interested in help this Wikia out? Here's few fair thoughts:

  • 1. If you want to create your own Switched at Birth original characters (OCs), you should help/improve this wikia first before you can go ahead. Do 3 non-fanon tasks once each day. so I will check on your edits history to see whether you do your job or not.
    • 1a. Up to three non-fanon tasks of your choice, see (1b) below. Also, you can do more than 3 tasks if you want to.
    • 1b. You can do a) edits, b) spellcheckings, c) notify mods for vandalism or d) others.
  • 2. If you want to help other users' fanon OCs for grammar reasons, please inform them before or after you edit or else.
  • 3. If you refuse to improve this Wikia, you're not allowed to create new pages or edit any pages until you do three tasks first. Otherwise you might get a temporary ban.

I think that's about it. What do you think?

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