Okay, we need to complete all articles for characters and actors. If I miss some characters and actors, you always can post a comment here to inform me. I'll add characters and people to the list. Thanks~

Updated - April 23, 2015:

Main Casts List
Actor/Actress Character
Vanessa Marano Bay Kennish
Katie Leclerc Daphne Vasquez
Sean Berdy Emmett Bledsoe
Lucas Grabeel Toby Kennish
Constance Marie Regina Vasquez
Lea Thompson Kathryn Kennish
D.W. Moffett John Kennish
Giles Marini Angelo Sorrento
(1, Recurring; 2-3 Main)

Season One Recurring Casts List
Actor/Actress Character
Marlee Matlin Melody Bledsoe
Ivonne Coll Adrianna Vasquez
Blair Redford Tyler (Ty) Mendosa
Austin Butler James "Wilke" Wilkerson III
Ryan Lane Travis Barnes
Maiara Walsh Simone Sinclair
Tania Raymonde Zarra
Cassi Thomson Nikki
Charles Michael Davis Liam Lupo
Mat Vairo Alex Rainford
Anthony Natale Cameron Bledsoe
T.L. Forsberg Olivia
Justin Bruening Jeff Reycraft
Christopher Wiehl Patrick
Sam Page Craig Tebbe
Tammy Townsend Denise
Jason Brooks Bruce
Oliver Muirhead Geraldo
Meeghan Holaway Amanda Burke, Esq.
Carlease Burke Ms. Rose
Manish Dayal Scuba

Season Two Casts List
Actor/Actress Character Note
Marlee Matlin Melody Bledsoe
Ivonne Coll Adrianna Vasquez
Blair Redford Tyler (Ty) Mendosa
Ryan Lane Travis Barnes
Cassi Thomson Nikki
Daniel Durant Matthew
Stephanie Nogueras Natalie
Todd Williams Zane
Max Lloyd-Jones Noah
BK Cannon Mary Beth
Matt Kane Jace
Kari Coleman Whitney, Regina's boss
Morgan Krantz Mac, manager of Maui, Kansas
Brandon J. Sornberger Mark
Matthew Risch Senator Chip Coto
Annie Ilonzeh Lana
Stephen Lunsford Teo Guest
Justin Bruening Chef Jeff Reycraft Guest
Zoey Deutch Elisa Sawyer Guest
Danielle Rayne Patricia Sawyer Guest
Charlene Amoia Diana Coto Guest
Maiara Walsh Simone Sinclair Guest
Joey Lauren Adams Nikki's mother Guest
Anthony Natale Cameron Bledsoe Guest
Meeghan Holaway Amanda Burke Guest
Laura Spencer Parker Guest
Allison Scagliotti Aida Guest

Season 3

Guest Casts List

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