• DaphneAforever

    My life

    November 24, 2012 by DaphneAforever

    Hi this is a story of my life and I want to tell you what is like of me as some others because is personal real truth in myself. I,am Amanda and will be a believer and also dont have enough of friends so my feels is like nothing. of course my hobbies and my interst is thing's that I want to be a breakdancing/singer, model cause I,am wicked good at it. the other side of me is going to the library of computers is my bigest passions so I dont ever admitt because my family does'nt understand like at all. I also do have something special friend that who I really so deeply cared she moved away. Now i have something of deppresions od her. Thank you for letting me tell you this and hope you enjoy it so please feel free to blog me anytime you want.

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