• BayLauthna

    Switched at Birth

    October 8, 2014 by BayLauthna

    At first I hope you all have seen the last episode of season 3, so I wouldn´t spoiler you! So I wanna to share my opinion of the end of season 3, especially the scene where Bay and Daphne went to the police and what will be in season 4. I can not understand why Bay is going to the jail instead of Daphne. Seriously WHY? I know it is hard for Daphne to get throw Angelo´s death, but this is not a reason to take drugs and destroy things and get into jail, this is not the Daphne we know. I guess bay is going there for her...I can´t belive it! Bay´ll never go to Collage or maybe get a job just because Daphne can be a deaf Doctor. What will be with Bemmett huh? How their parents will react? I hope Bemmett will be still together and Daphne will say…

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