"There is My Heart"[title 1] is the tenth and finale mid-season episode of ABC Family's Switched at Birth Season Four, and it is the eighty-fourth episode of the series overall. It was written by Lizzy Weiss and Bekah Brunstetter, and it was directed by Norman Buckley. It was originally aired on March 10th, 2015.


Intent on making their relationship work, Bay surprises Emmett with a visit to Los Angeles while he’s shooting his first big class project. Daphne is distraught with her performance in school and the idea of letting Bay and her family down.

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Music Featured

Song Artist Notes Link
Because of You Codename Mike Bay surprises Emmett while he films his short film; Emmett asks Skye to have everyone take five minute break; Bay tells Emmett to continue with his work and she'll watch from afar. Source URL here.
Only a Game Scars On 45 Daphne & Josh play Frisbee golf, Daphne gushes about feeling excited how that class are over when Josh receives a text from Vimla about her final chemistry grade.
We Can Dream The Same Dream Dave Thomas Junior Regina & Eric make out in the office when Regina brings up the fact that they never been on a first date then Eric tells her their going horseback riding Regina blurts out an unrequited “I love you.”
Uppr Dwnr Dream Brother Bay surprises Emmett with a directors chair with his name on it when tells him she got the idea from when she was looking at apartments because she's moving to LA.
Call Me St. Paul & The Broken Bones Toby confront Kathryn about talk Lily about him & Julian then threatens to walk out and Kathryn tells him to grow up.
Don’t Forget The Dream (feat. Lea Thompson & Lucas Grabeel) Switched at Birth Cast Kathryn and Toby perform their song at their showcasing for 'Batter Up: The Musical'.
Shake It Like A Doggie (Mayeda Remix) [feat. Icy Black] Skrilla Jones Mingo dances around the bonfire when Daphne walks by and they briefly before she leaves for the showcasing then goes back to partying until finds out about an accident and runs to tell her about it.
Bitter Tears Kassi Jayde Regina finds Will searching for his Gusto they search for him; Eric watches Regina & Will bond; Kathryn ]talks to the lady she thought was a famous producer of plays.
Connected Luke Dick Mingo & Daphne kiss; Regina runs into Juanita at the shop; Regina tells Eric she'll buy him out but he tells her he doesn't want to sell and that he in love with her; Regina gives Will back Gusto.
Tell Me How To Feel Maggie Eckford Will tells Regina his mother isn't died that she's alive; Bay packs up her memories of Emmett when Daphne comes in and expresses her confuse over them breaking up then Daphne comforts her.


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Title Reference

  1. From the 1999 painting, There Is My Heart, by George Stefanescu.


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