"The Past (Forgotten-Swallowed)"[title 1] is the ninth episode of the third season of ABC Family's Switched at Birth. It is sixtieth episode of the overall series. It was written by Joy Gregory, and it was directed by Fred Gerber. It was originally aired on March 10th, 2014.


Daphne tries to help out Angelo at the clinic’s fundraiser. Bay must deal with Mary Beth’s feelings about Tank. Toby tutors Sharee to keep her eligible for the field hockey team.

ABC Family's Official Summary


Campbell and Jorge start trying to impress Daphne. Mary Beth doesn't approve of Bay dating Tank. Daphne and her field hockey team have lost all the games of the season, but their next game is against Buckner and Toby really wants to beat them. Kathryn is stressed about the book and needs more stories, so they want to invite John's old friend to find out his stories.

Daphne invites Angelo and Regina to the clinic fundraiser but while she is talking, Angelo interrupts her to show a video of his other baby daughter. Bay tells Tank what Mary Beth thinks about him, and Tank wants to try to impress her. Sharee needs to get at least a 90% on her physics exam so she can play Field Hockey, and Toby offers to tutor her. Angelo says that he will get a chef from his restaurant to add food to the fundraiser, but Daphne doesn't seem happy about it. Toby video chats with Nikki, which causes tension between them. John's friend comes over to talk about his baseball life, but he is not his old self and isn't talking a lot. At the fundraiser, Daphne meets Angelo's restaurant partner, but Angelo hasn't arrived.

Campbell and Jorge meet Regina. Bay and Tank trick Mary Beth into hanging out with Tank. Mary Beth leaves, but Bay goes after her and tells her that Tank did the call. Mary Beth then tells Bay the truth about Ty lying about cheating on Bay. Dr. Jackson tells Regina about the summer program, and they are about to go talk to the girl in charge of the program when Angelo comes in with Abby and everyone ignores Daphne so they can attend to Abby. John's old friend gets the wrong impression and causes them to make an excuse about ending the party early. Daphne defends Angelo. Toby tries to help Sharee, but he feels like Nikki is doing way more than he is.

Bay tells Emmett the whole Ty thing, and he tells her that Tank is truly a good person. Daphne freaks out at Angelo for making her miss the doctor in charge of the summer program and that he only thinks about himself. John had a juicy story for Kathryn all along. Bay tells Tank about the Ty thing, and he is pissed that he is third guy for Bay to talk to. Another guy from his sorority house walks in, and Bay tells him about the event that got cancelled because Tank told on them. Angelo apologizes to Daphne. Sharee got a high enough score on her test to keep playing Field Hockey. Kathryn finishes her book. Tank may get kicked out of his sorority because of Bay.




Featured Music

Song Artist Notes Link
Good Girl Lily Kershaw Bay tries to apologize to Tank in class but he rebuffs her advances to try. Youtube
Goat French for Rabbits Party at clinic is coming to an end when Angelo shows up for second time and Daphne apologizes to him.


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Title Reference

  1. From the 1901 painting, The Past (Forgotten-Swallowed), by Alfred Kubin.


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  • Title reference: From the 1901 painting, The Past (Forgotten-Swallowed), by Alfred Kubin.
  • This episode is set nine months after Introducing the Miracle.

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