"The Ambush"[title 1] is the tenth episode of the third season of ABC Family's Switched at Birth. It is sixty-first episode of overall series. It was written by Henry Robles and Bekah Brunstetter, and it was directed by Allan Arkush. It was originally aired on March 17th, 2014.


Bay enlists Tank to help her strike back when the rivalry between the Carlton and Buckner field hockey teams gets heated. Toby gets a surprise visit from Nikki. Daphne chooses whether to date Jorge or Campbell.

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Matthew returns to school. Daphne and Bay are getting ready to play against Buckner. When they see that Buckner did a prank on Carlton.

Nikki surprises Toby at his apartment. Bay wants to get revenge on Buckner. Wes gives Regina a new car. Toby makes a deal with Buckner's field hockey coach about no more pranks. Jorge invites Daphne to go rock climbing when Campbell says that he used to go. Toby wants a scout to go see Sharee in the field hockey game. Bay apologizes to Tank and ask Tank if he could do a prank on Buckner. He agrees.

Daphne tells Kathryn her pro and cons list about Jorge and Campbell. Kathryn tells Daphne that Campbell is perfect but he being in a wheelchair may be pulling her back from picking Campbell. Toby calls a collage scout to check Sharee out but he says that another scout is coming too. Daphne goes out with Campbell but things go awkward when he can't get his wheelchair on the sidewalk. Bay and Tank try to prank Buckner. Daphne gets mad at a guy that lied so Campbell can't get into the bar and they end up fighting. Nikki tells Toby over dinner that they church in Peru offered her a job in Africa. Also that the work that she is doing is what she is meant to be doing.

Tank and Bay ruins Buckner's statue when they have to go run when security appears. Bay leaves her paints and Tank cuts his hand. Tank gets a bit annoyed that Bay didn't want to have sex with him. And they start to have a fight. Bay talks to Regina about Tank. She tells her that Bay did the right thing and Tank's reaction tells Bay a lot about him. The Carlton vs Buckner game begins. Emmett finds out about Bay's prank. And he wanted to be a part of it. As Buckner and Carlton face off. Regina gets suspicious about Wes. Wes gets mad at Regina for not finishing her pictures. Buckner is winning so far and the ref is letting Buckner hurt and push Carlton. Carlton scores on Buckner once, they lost but were really happy that they scored at least once. Tank says he will wait for Bay to be ready about having sex with him.

Regina finds out that they lie about how much the restaurants are worth. Bay gets a call that Mandy's photo is copyrighted and Bay doesn't know if she should tell Emmett. Daphne tells that she feels sorry for Campbell sometimes. They tell each other how much they care for each other and they start kissing. Nikki tells Toby that in Peru she feels that she is doing something truly good. Nikki invites Toby to go with her but he doesn't want to. They end up talking about breaking up.



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Title Reference

  1. From the 1896 painting, The Ambush, by Charles Marion Russell.


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