Tess Ritter is introduced when she is in the same community service program as Bay. She is planning on moving in with another person in the program, Robbie Nicholson. She warns Bay to stay away from him. Bay accidentally gives him heroin and he is put back in jail. Tess despises Bay for this and tries very hard to make Bay miserable. She gets in a fight with Bay and breaks her phone on purpose (after it falls, she crushes it under her heel). They get into a fight, but when the supervisor asks if she did it, Bay lies saying no. This releases some of the tension between them. Bay and Tess become friends, she tells Bay about her son who is disabled then Bay makes a "Everyday Heroes" bench art piece showing Tess and her son.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tess is a very strong willed person and she has the appearance to match. She has a little bit longer then shoulder length blonde hair. She has blue eyes and her makeup usually consists of black eyeliner and mascara. She is about the same height as Bay. Tess wears the orange vest for community service in every instance we see her and has jeans and boots on.


Tess is very aggressive at times and Bay and her get into a few fights. She seems to have anger issues, an example would be in one episode she is seen asking Bay to use her phone and when Bay refuses she steps on Bay's phone breaking it. In other cases she seems to be a kind person and talks about caring for her son Sam.

Season 4Edit

In And It Cannot Be Changed,

In Bracing The Waves,

In At First Clear Word,

In Art Like Love is Dedication,


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