Simone Sinclair


Basic Information
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthdate: November 1995
Nationality: American

Buckner Hall Student, 12th Grade

Relatives: Mr. Sinclair (father)
Partners: Wilke (ex-boyfriend)
Toby Kennish (ex-boyfriend)
Emmett Bledsoe (one night stand)
Friends: Daphne Vasquez

Regina Vasquez

Enemies: Bay Kennish (used to be friends before she was a bully to a girl who attempted to be friends with them in the 8th grade)

First Appearance
Episode: Starry Night
Portrayer: Maiara Walsh

Simone Sinclair is a former student at Buckner Hall Preparatory School, first introduced in the episode Starry Night as an audience member at the East West Fest Music Festival, where she is greeted by Toby Kennish, the older brother of her former friend Bay (the two having known each other since kindergarten). She briefly dated Wilke and still flirts with him on occasion. Simone slept with Emmett, the boyfriend of Bay and best friend of Daphne, despite the fact that she and Toby were dating.


Simone is in cooking class with Daphne and seems to be developing a friendship with her, much to Bay's chagrin. When Simone and Daphne are chatting after their cooking class, Bay walks up and says hi. In order to supposedly break the tension, Simone asks how Bay's dog, "Mr. Waffles", was doing to which she replies that he died that summer. Simone then hurriedly explains how Daphne had to pull her bacon out of the fire before it burned and Bay then makes a joke out of this by saying "always looking to save that pig!". This creates an awkward moment as both Simone and Daphne give Bay confused glances. Wilke then comes out of his cooking class and he and Simone flirt. Daphne doesn't notice anything, but Bay just stares at the pair of them. Before Simone leaves, Daphne tells her they should play basketball together sometime to which Simone responds there is a pick-up game later that afternoon. When they are playing, it is obvious that Simone is impressed with Daphne's "killer instincts" and intensity. After the game (Daphne's team won). Daphne offers Simone to come with her to a restaurant. She says she already has plans to go to "Joey's", a club with lots of "cute college guys". She asks Daphne if she wants to come with her, but she the club is for 21-year-olds and older so Daphne has to get a fake ID.

While they are at the club Simone gets dared by her friends to go and kiss a random, cute guy in the club. Simone then dares Daphne to go and kiss a hot guy sitting on a stool across the room, telling her just ask "if they wanna make-out", telling her it works every time. Daphne then goes and kisses the guy with much howling and hooting from Simone and the girls at the table, only to be seen by the guy's angry girlfriend. Simone then leaves the table and tells the guy and his girlfriend that Daphne's colostomy bag is about to explode. Daphne and Simone run back to their table, giggling. When the girls are about to leave the club one reminds them that they have to pay. Simone says that she'll take care of that. Taking what looks to be the payment for the drinks from a girl. Once the other girls are out of the door, however, Simone shoves the money into her pocket.

In Self-Portrait With Bandaged Ear, when find out that Simone's father is on the school board of Buckner Hall, and because of this, she is the only girl on the basketball team who knows the school's true motives in asking Daphne to play.

Their friendship (already strained when Simone refuses to exonerate Daphne's friend Monica of "stealing" her lost watch) begins to crumble when Daphne competes against Simone who the position of Buckner Hall's starting point guard and ends up winning the spot.

In "This Is the Color of My Dreams," Simone tries to talk to Bay about what happened between her and Emmett, but Bay refuses, saying she wants her out of her life.

In "The Intruder," Simone gets labeled the "School Girl Slut." She becomes an alcoholic and starts attending AA.

In "Ecce Mono" she is friends with Daphne and tells her to go to a fraternity party.

In "Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger" she make a re-appearance and comes to the car wash. She and Toby catch up on what they were doing lately. She is a camp counselor and Toby is getting married. She also likes to check in to see what he up too and listens to his old CD. Later in the episode Toby gets a text from Simone to meet her at a cafe but Nikki get suspicions and asked Daphne what their history is and finds out about what happened between Toby and Simone. We also find out that Simone has been sober for six months and Regina sponsors her. She also apologizes to Toby for what she did to him. Nikki shows up at the cafe only to find out Simone got Toby a gig.

In "Left in Charge,


Simone is described by her ex-friend Bay as being controlling, manipulative, and an extreme skank. She often gets into trouble, such as drinking alcohol up to the point where she develops an addiction, and having a one-night-stand with Bay's boyfriend, Emmett. However, inside, she seems like an innocent person. She is pretty sensitive and is actually a decent girlfriend, aside from the cheating. She was heartbroken when Toby broke up with her. She also trying to make amends and apologizing for everyone who they hurt. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Simone has pretty, wavy brown hair and bluish gray eyes. She is rather athletic and slim as well. She's pretty tall and usually wears her hair in a ponytail. She has a dazzling smile with white teeth. She seems nice, judging by her social popularity in Season 1, but in Season 1 finale, she says that 'no one likes me.' to Bay. 


While warning Daphne about Simone, Bay says that when she and Bay were friends in eighth grade, Simone convinced a girl named Alicia to allow them to give her a makeover. During the makeover, the two girls asked Alicia who she had a crush on (a hockey player named Tom Burke) and convinced her to practice asking him out. Simone filmed and distributed the confession around Kansas City, humiliating Alicia, and ended her friendship with Bay who said the action "makes her sick" in retrospect. Bay cautions Daphne, saying, "Simone Sinclair is not someone you want as an enemy, but she's not really someone you want as a friend, either."


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