Sharee is a character who appears in the 3 episode Drowning Girl. She is portrayed by Bianca Bethune.


In Drowning Girl, Sharee clashes with Daphne on the first day of school as Daphne attempts to quiet her class. When Daphne tells her about her protest, Sharee finds out the reason that her school shut down & had to be sent to Carlton was because of Daphne.

In Your Body Is a Battleground, when Daphne is handing flyers for the field hockey team, Sharee crumples the flyer in the trash. She also clashes with Daphne again when Daphne's tire gets slashed.

Toby later tells Daphne that Sharee used to play field hockey at her old school. Daphne challenges Sharee to a one-on-one basketball match; if Daphne wins, Sharee has to join the field hockey team, but if Sharee wins, Daphne has to drive her to school every day. When the girls play the game, Sharee is surprised at Daphne's basketball skills, but she ends up winning the game by one point.

In the end, Sharee ends up showing up to field hockey practice after all.

In Fountain, during a mandatory locker search, Sharee gets expelled because a knife was found in her locker, making her a suspect in the tire slashings at school and makes unable to participate in the upcoming field hockey game.

When Daphne confronts her, Sharee tells her that she had a box cutter, not a knife because she uses it at a retail store that she works at after school. Daphne realizes that Sharee is not responsible for the tire slashings because they occurred before school & she drives Sharee to school in the mornings.

After Sharee and Daphne meet with the principal, Sharee is allowed to stay in school but has to serve Saturday detention for having the box cutter at school. She and Daphne end up in a shoving fight after Sharee accuses Daphne of punishing her for no reason. Because of their fight, the field hockey team has to forfeit the game.

In Have You Really the Courage?, Daphne talks to Regina about her friendship with Sharee. When Daphne goes to pick up Sharee, she witnesses an altercation outside of her house. When Sharee gets in the car, Daphne notices a bruise on Sharee's arm.

Daphne invites Sharee to her house for dinner. When Sharee asks Daphne if she could borrow her car, Daphne is reluctant at first but agrees to let her borrow it. When Sharee fails to show up for field hockey practice, Daphne goes over to her house and is surprised to find Regina in the driveway.

Sharee's mother invites Daphne & Regina inside for gumbo and as they enter the house, it's clear that there are issues in Sharee's house. When Sharee comes home, it is revealed that her mother has mood swings and has a tendency to harm herself. Later on, Regina tells Daphne that Sharee and her mother need help.

In Memory is Your Image of Perfection, Sharee confronts Daphne about child services being called to their house & knows that Daphne was why they were called. Daphne tries to sympathize with her, recalling her own mother's struggle with alcoholism, but Sharee is still not happy with her.

Later, Sharee's mother shows up at school, berating her for not making her bed in the morning, embarrassing her in front of all her friends. Again, Daphne tells Sharee that she & her mother need help.

Daphne is able to get help for Sharee's mother, but Sharee believes that her mother won't accept it. Daphne tells Dr. Jackson that Sharee and her mother are coming into the clinic, but Sharee's mother doesn't know she's meeting with a psychologist.

During the session with Dr. Jackson, Sharee's mother ends up stabbing him in the chest with a pair of scissors. Thanks to Daphne, Dr. Jackson survives his injuries and Sharee's mother is taken into police custody.

Sharee blames herself for not getting her mother help, but Daphne assures her that it's not her fault.

In The Past (Forgotten-Swallowed), Toby tutors Sharee in physics to make sure that she remains eligible to play field hockey.

In The Ambush, Toby gets a scout to come to their field hockey game to check out Sharee. Even though the team doesn't win their game, the scout still talks to Sharee.

In Oh, Future,

In It Isn't What You Think, Toby tries to get a make-up exam for Sharee, but it causes a conflict between him & Lily.

In Girl on the Cliff,

In And Life Begins Right Away,


Sharee is shown to be a "thug" living in East River Side. Once her and Daphne become bigger friends she acts rude but can be kind to Daphne by playing on the Field hockey team. She is secretive, as she doesn't tell Daphne about her situation with her mother and once Daphne finds out? Sharee asks her to keep it a secret. Overall, Sharee is a small character who has secrets but is a good friend to Daphne, at times.