Renzo is a recurring character who appears in Drowning Girl, the first episode of Switched at Birth Season 3. He is portrayed by Alec Mapa.


Renzo grew up in a Christian household and had a hard time coming out to his family. He now lives in Kansas City and participates in lots of activities like tap dancing and drum circles.


Season 3Edit

In Drowning Girl, Renzo meets Kathryn when she comes into a dance studio, and convinces her to try tap dancing.

In Your Body Is a Battleground, John finds out about Kathryn's dance classes and is jealous of Renzo, so she invites Renzo over for dinner. However, at dinner John finds out that Kathryn lied to get out of a state dinner and instead went to a drum circle with Renzo. Renzo doesn't stay for dinner.

In Have You Really the Courage?, Renzo takes Kathryn to New York to meet Renzo's friend, who is a publisher.

In The Scream, Renzo and Kathryn throw a party to celebrate her book deal, and Renzo turns it into a murder mystery party.

In Dance Me to the End of Love, Renzo helps John organize a synchronized family dance to win Kathryn back.

In Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows, Kathryn's new book is leaked and she accuses Renzo of doing it. He says that he has a friend that is in the hospital with cancer, and he would never do that to Kathryn. He later forgives her for accusing him and they go get cinnamon rolls.

In Girl With Death Mask (She Plays Alone), Kathryn tries to hook Renzo up with Leo but it doesn't work out as Renzo gets really drunk and nervous, and leaves the baby monitor unplugged so Kathryn just takes him home. Later, Leo says he wasn't looking for a boyfriend at this time.

Season 4Edit

In Bracing The Waves, Kathryn discusses her book being made into a movie with Renzo, and they joke about it being a musical on Broadway.


Renzo is a short Asian man with spiky black hair and big glasses.


He is very sassy and flamboyant. He is excited about the same things Kathryn enjoys, such as shopping, dancing, and her erotic novel. Renzo doesn't like kids. He's a good chef, and likes to prepare Filipino food.


  • This character's last name, Alec, is given by his actor's first name, Alec.



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