Renzo Alec is a recurring character who appears in Drowning Girl, the first episode of Switched at Birth Season 3. He is portrayed by Alec Mapa.


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Season 3Edit

In Drowning Girl,

In Your Body Is a Battleground,

In Have You Really the Courage?,

In The Scream,

In Dance Me to the End of Love,

In Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows,

In Girl With Death Mask (She Plays Alone),

Kathryn tries to hook Renzo up with Leo but it doesn't work out as Leo gets really drunk and nervous, and leaves the baby monitor unplugged so Kathryn just takes him home. Later, Leo says he wasn't looking for a boyfriend at this time.

Season 4Edit

In Bracing The Waves,


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  • This character's last name, Alec, is given by his actor's first name, Alec.



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