Quinn is a recurring character who appears in the fifteenth episode of Season Four. He is portrayed by Dan J. Johnson.


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Quinn was a boy Daphne met on the trip to Mexico, in 4x15. He helped Daphne fit hearing aids onto deaf children. Hearing aids do not work for one girl, Patty, so Daphne singlehandedly convinces Patty's mom to take her to a school where she can learn sign language, which she also singlehandedly set up. Quinn, impressed, kisses Daphne, although he knows she is dating Mingo.

Mingo is very jealous of Daphne's correspondence with Quinn, and when he finds about the kiss, he is visibly upset.

Quinn has curly brown hair. In 4x20, Quinn winds up at Bay's art opening, where he meets Mingo, who is extremely jealous, and annoyed to see him. Mingo tells Daphne that Quinn only gave her an internship in China because he likes her.

When Daphne asks Quinn about that, he gets annoyed and cancels the internship.

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Physical Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tall, dark and handsome.


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