"Oh, Future"[title 1] is the fourteenth episode of the third season of ABC Family's Switched at Birth, and it's sixty-fifth episode of overall series. It was written by Henry Robles, and it was directed by Zetna Fuentes. It was originally aired on June 30, 2014.


Emmett gets surprising news at his dad's housewarming. Meanwhile, Travis meets his hero, football star Derrick Coleman; and Regina persuades Daphne to go out for a Latina college scholarship.


Bay finds out that Melody is thinking of moving to Madison. Kathryn Kennish is planning to meet with Sarah Lazar. Bay Kennish tells Daphne Vasquez what she found out about Melody Bledsoe moving. Bay tells Daphne that she should ask John Kennish and Kathryn for collage money. Travis Barnes tells Mary Beth Tucker that his brother couldn't get him football tickets. Bay tells Emmett if they could tell people about their relationship. John and Kathryn tell Regina that they want to pay Daphne's collage fun but she denies the help.

Melody goes on a date with Cameron's ear doctor, Gabe but he insists to go to Cameron's house warming party. Melody wasn't invited. Regina tells Daphne to try to get a latina scholarship. Bay and Emmett tells everyone they are dating. At Cameron's house warming party Cameron gets married with Debbie. Sarah tells Kathryn that a Tv-movie about her version of Switched at Birth book.

Sharee tells Daphne that she is not Latina and should not be applying to the scholarship because her dad is rich and she is a white girl. Bay finds out that Debbie is pregnant with Cameron's baby. Kathryn becomes friends with Sarah. Mary Beth takes Travis to a restaurant to see his favourite Football player. They start talking about family and Travis gets mad at Mary Beth for asking so many questions about his family and hurts Mary Beth. At Daphne's scholarship interview everything goes bad when they ask Daphne if she ever got discriminated for being Latina and she replies with no. Cameron does a speech about Melody living through his mistakes.

Debbie announces that she is pregnant and Emmett leaves saying that Cameron's big mistake was leaving. Travis gets to meet his favourite baseball player. Emmett feels that he may not be able to fit in with his father considering the new baby. Bay cheers him up. Regina gets mad at Daphne for saying she is not Latina and for saying that she is a Kennish. Gabe and Melody kiss in the car. Kathryn is happy to find out that John didn't sleep with Sarah when she offered to.

Regina tells Daphne that as a mother she doesn't like to share her and that she denied the Kennish's offer to pay collage cause she felt Daphne to be less hers. But tells Daphne to take the offer. Melody tells Bay that she is not going to take the job offer in Madison. Emmett gathers toys to give to his new little brother.





  • Derrick Coleman as himself (football player)
  • Laura Brown as Debbie
  • Dalen Carlson as Officiant
  • Kristy Staky as Woman
  • Meg Schaab as Fair Attendee (uncredited)
  • Jody Stevenson as Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Featured Music

Song Artist Notes Link
Wildfire Ben Rector Travis and Mary Beth talk bout going to Alabama Al's.
My Own by Kina Grannis End of the episode.
Little Earthquakes by Imperial Mammoth Gabe brings Melody home and they agree that was the worst second date ever.
Until the Day Dims (Heavy Hands Remix) The Woodlands
Tequila Eyes Us and Our Daughters


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Title Reference

  1. From the 1933 painting, Oh, Future! by Nicholas Roerich.




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