Basic Information
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthdate: 1995


Height :




Student in the hearing pilot program at Carlton School for the Deaf

Relatives: Unnamed uncle

Bay Kennish (Ex-girlfriend)

Daphne Vasquez (kissed, Crush)


First Appearance
Episode: Duel of Two Women
Portrayer: Max Lloyd-Jones


Noah is a new student in a pilot program for hearing kids at Carlton School for the Deaf. He got into the program because he has an uncle who is deaf due to Ménière's Disease. Noah also suffers from Ménière's, which currently is slowly causing him to lose his hearing. He frequently has "dizzy spells," where he feels a loss of balance severe enough to cause him to fall over, and during these dizzy spells, it is apparent that he cannot hear at all. In the beginning of season 2, we find out that Noah has already lost 60% of the hearing in his right ear, and he says that Ménière's will most likely continue to take the rest of his hearing as well. He started wearing hearing aids but they broke which results in him requiring people to look directly at him and sign, so he can communicate more easily. Noah's signing is not as good as Bay's. 

Noah and Daphne liked each other but Noah went to Canada for the summer, and they didn't end up texting much.  

Physical AppearanceEdit

Noah has short, straight blonde hair and blue eyes. He is described as quite handsome.


Coming soon!


Bay Kennish (ex-girlfriend)


Photo GalleryEdit

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