Nacho Edit

Nacho (played by Rene Moran) is an old East Riverside boy who Daphne begins interacting with. But he already was in an relationship with Rebekah. He shows up in Season Three after trying to vandalize K&D and Daphne confronts him. Later when Daphne is beginning to rebel against Regina, she and Nacho meet up again to vandalize the ground breaking ceremony set up by Wes and Regina. They end up kissing and it seemed they were in a relationship. However, at the Senior Ditch Day, he appeared to already have a girlfriend and told Daphne they were not together. He comes back in Fog and Storm and Rain. He got a job getting free wifi at the coffeehouse for $75. Later on Daphne tells him why she didn't get in trouble for vandalizing the east riverside project. He uses it against her and blackmails her into giving him $10,000 to keep quiet. Regina tells Eric what happened and he yells at him. Eric gave him the money for wifi and some extra for his daughter. Eric tells him to beat it.

Physical Appearance & ​PersonalityEdit