Greg "Mingo" Shimingo is a character from Season Four. He is a hearing student from the same floor as Daphne, which organized a dorm triathlon to compete for control over the best bathroom. He is played by Adam Hagenbuch.


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In I Lock the Door Upon Myself, he is revealed as the one behind pranking the deaf dorms. Daphne challenges him to a contest to get him to stop. He ends up losing, starting when John Kennish comes to compete in a baseball competition.

In Art Like Love is Dedication, he asks Daphne on a date to a party. Due to miscommunication, Mingo goes to the party. Daphne feels like he blew her off. Eventually, she sleeps with him. After hooking up, Mingo notices he lost the condom and since it wasn't on the bed, he implies it's lost in Daphne. They head to the student health center. There Daphne gets to know Mingo and feels a connection. The next day, she sees Mingo with his friends and he plays it off and invites her for a booty call later that day. Offended, Daphne goes by his room and tells him that they cannot continue with their current status. Daphne is looking for something more serious, while Mingo is looking for fun.

In The Player's Choice, he sleeps with a sorority girl and later learns that Daphne was going to rush.

In There is My Heart,

In To Repel Ghosts,

In How Does a Girl Like You get to be a Girl Like You, he and Daphne realize how different they are, however they still continue to date.

In Borrowing Your Enemy's Arrows, his real name, Greg Shimingo, is revealed as is his parents.

In To the Victor Belong the Spoils, he learned that Daphne was still in contact with Quinn. He was none too happy especially after he helped her with the fundraiser.

In The Accommodations of Desire,

In And Always Searching for Beauty, he met Quinn, the man Daphne kissed. After Daphne told him that he was the one who interviewed her for the China trip, he wasn't too happy to learn that he was going to Bay's art opening. After the Quinn was a tool, he and Daphne chatted and he told her that he wanted to take a break while she went to China.

After Bay and Daphne return from China in The Call, Mingo is happy to see Daphne. However, he is quick to tell her that he is seeing someone else, much to Daphne's disappointment. They make it a point to remain friends. Later, Mingo invites her to a music costume party, where Daphne dresses up like Katy Perry and Mingo dresses up like Lil Wayne. Iris Watkins, one of Daphne's closest friends at college and her former roommate, attends the party and is offended by Mingo's costume choice. This causes a rift between them all, and, when Daphne (who had platonically spent the night in Mingo's dorm room) sees that their selfie has blown up on social media, comes to the conclusion that people hate them.

In This Has to Do with Me, Daphne and Mingo deal further with the consequences of their actions, and Mingo and Daphne realize that people think that Mingo was being racist instead of thoughtless.

In Four Ages in Life, Mingo tells Iris (who had been on a hunger strike to protest how African Americans were being treated on campus) that he is sorry that she had been sick as a result of not eating. Iris brushes him off and continues not to speak or associate with him, because she is angered that he has been allowed to keep his position of Dorm Adviser. Later, Daphne realizes that Mingo is taking part in the "Kangaroo Krawl", which is a series of extreme sports, in order to shake people's image of him that he is racist. Daphne tells Mingo that she cares about him and that he shouldn't act recklessly because he could endanger his life, and Mingo is shocked. They kiss, and Daphne reminds Mingo that he is dating Amy (whose dates with Mingo she has been stalking on social media) but Mingo says that he shouldn't, implying that he wants to get back together with her. Daphne reminds him that he should have called her while she was in China; Mingo protests that he wanted to, he just didn't know what to say. Daphne tells him that until or unless he breaks things off with Amy, she won't be with him, much to Mingo's sadness.

In Long Live Love, Mingo properly apologizes to Iris, explaining to her that he didn't mean to offend anyone, and that he is sorry if he offended her. Iris accepts his apology, and reveals that she is dating a fellow member of her equal rights cause from the BSU. Mingo and Daphne learn that they are both going to attend a lecture with a Dr. Bannon, who would be good for their intended career choices, as he is going to provide one lucky student with a paid internship. Mingo reveals that he wants to be an athletic trainer, and they are faced with awkwardness when they both want to go out for the internship. Mingo tells Daphne that his interview went well, but Daphne isn't so lucky, and is discriminated against by Dr. Bannon for being deaf. It is later revealed that Mingo got the internship but, when he realizes what happened to Daphne, he is apologetic and tells her that he will not take the internship out of loyalty to her. Daphne tells him he has to take it because it would be an excellent experience for him, and Mingo promises to be her spy on the enemy line, and says that he will try to convince Dr. Bannon to change his opinion on her and other people who are deaf. Daphne calls Mingo her hero, and Mingo admits that he broke up with Amy a couple of weeks ago because he is in love with her. He then says that he didn't say anything because he thought Daphne was involved with Chris (her father's new baseball prodigy at the college). Daphne tells him that she and Chris are just friends and that she didn't want to seem pathetic and single because he had seemed like he'd moved on. Mingo says that he and Daphne deserve each other, and asks if he can kiss her; Daphne tells him yes, and they get back together.

Physical Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mingo has dark brown hair and brown eyes.


He acts like a jock type of person but, is really a sensitive person. He looks for fun.


Larry Shimingo: He was John's business manager who made it so John had to sell the car wash.

Status: Dating: Daphne Vasquez


  • He had a previous serious relationship prior to his appearance on the show.
  • He is seriously afraid of blood and will faint at the sight of it.

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