Miles "Tank" Conroy is a recurring character in season 3. He is a fraternity pledge and is portrayed by Max Adler.


In the first episode of season 3, Drowning Girl, Bay and Tank meet in the art class they both attend. Tank only takes this class because it is easy and he can get through easily. They are assigned as partners for each other for the first assignment, which involves hanging out with the partner and then drawing his/her portrait, according to their personality. For hanging out time, Bay and Tank meet up on Tank's fraternity party, as Tank says that he is "on pledge duty and can't leave the house". Bay, unfortunately, gets severely intoxicated by alcohol and is steps away from being taken out from the party by some unknown guy, but Tank notices them and saves her. Bay opens up to him and tells him about her struggles with her life/love life. Tank listens to her and tries to help her out. (Drowning Girl)

In the second episode of season 3, "Your body is a battleground", Bay's confidence in her works goes down drastically, after her arts professor Teresa Ledarsky states that her drawing of Tank "looks just like him", but is just a very superficial work. Tank presents his "drawing" of Bay, which consists of a dot in the center of a blank paper. Tank claims that this dot is "Bay from really, really high up, like outer space". Teresa Ledarsky gets irritated, stating that people get away with a lot in her class, but what they won't get away with is not trying. She says that Tank does not try at all and suspends him from the class, which automatically means that Tank will not be able to attend the football practices. </span>He asks Bay to help him out. Bay agrees and goes to professor Teresa, saying that she got severely drunk the night before, at the party and Tank was too busy taking care of her to draw the portrait. Afterwards, Bay is seen outside with happy and slightly bewildered Tank. Afterwards, Bay is seen outside with Tank, as he is drawing her portrait on a sketchpad. They agree to meet up, so Bay can draw him. He says that he has to go and have an unofficial practice, as one guy is having trouble learning new moves and the team decided to help him out. Bay seems impressed and inspired. She and tank are seen in the arts class, showing their works to professor Ledarsky. Tank shows the messy drawing with Bay's hair done in an yearn. Professor seems content and welcomes him back in the class. (Your Body Is a Battleground)

Tank is asked to accompany Bay and professor Teresa to the art show, where she has to present her works and might need a hand while loading the heavy statues. They go to the event, which turns out to be disappointing regarding the popularity of Teresa's new work. (Fountain)

Bay's distress and anxiety shows when she nervously talks to Tank about an E-Mail she got from Ty and also, Emmett's new girlfriend, who, apparently, Emmett met on online forum and has not met her in person; while Tank is exert, Tank gives Bay advice and attempts to console her, telling her that Emmett's new girlfiend, Mandy, cannot compete with her, as "she's just pixels on the screen". (It Hurts to Wait With Love if Love is Somewhere Else)

Have You Really the Courage? Tank is seen at Bay's house, as he drops off her painting facilities: several brushes. Bay tells him that it was not necessary, but Tank replies with "the artist needs her tools". Afterwards, he looks over Bay's paintings and is apparently fascinated, helping her to pick out paintings for her Pratt recruiter. Bay sees Daphne walking by and stops her, introducing her to Tank. As Daphne greets him, Tank unexpectedly uses sign language to sign: "Nice to meet you too." It is obvious, that girls are surprised and Tank says that he used to do some signing in church. He then turns around and starts looking over Bay's paintings again, telling Daphne that "your sister is like... Michael Phelps of art". Daphne signs to Bay that "He likes you". Bay is in denial, signing back that he likes her "as a friend." As Tank turns around, he smiles at Bay, saying: "you are like a genius", Daphne gives her sister a knowing glance. Afterwards, they have a discussion about Tank's crush on Bay and Bay says that she likes him only as a friend. Daphne suggests that Bay tells him how she feels or how she doesn't feel, as it will be much harder later.

Bay later finds out that in order to stand out from the other applicants for Pratt, she needs to do field hockey, the team of which she left recently. She goes to Toby and he suggests taking some practice, so she can successfully do a role of goalie and then he'll let her back on the team. Bay and Tank are together on the field later, Tank teaching her how to be a goalie and how to interact with a ball. He asks her, somewhat hesitantly, whether she want to get a barbeque later and Bay says sure. On the drills, Tank brings his friends to cheer for Bay, with "GO BAY!" written on their white shirts. After Bay kicks the ball, preventing the goal, Tank and one of his friends hoist her up onto their shoulders. She suggests Toby organizes a party with all the people invited at his place, and he agrees.

On the party, Tank is in a clearly good mood, talking to his friends. Bay approaches him, taking a swig of a beer to calm down her nerves. She tells him that she sees him as a friend, and nothing more. Tank visibly falters, but tries to smile and says that he can respect her choice and that he should head out. Bay tries to stop him, but she trips over a cable and falls, the bottle in her hand smashing and cutting her hand. Tank immediately rushes to her, taking off his shirt to stop the blood flow. Afterwards, he is seen sitting with Bay as medics are wrapping up her hand. He tells her to "sit tight, I got you". Bay tells him that she's "really happy that you're here." Tank replies with "of course".

The Scream

Dance Me to the End of Love

The Past (Forgotten-Swallowed)

Bay and Tank team up to prank Buckner when the rivalry between Carlton and Buckner field hockey team gets heated. Tank pushes it too far when they do their prank. After this, he wants to do "it" with Bay but Bay is not ready. (The Ambush)

Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows

Love Among the Ruins

Like a Snowball Down a Mountain

Girl With Death Mask (She Plays Alone)

It Isn't What You Think

Girl on the Cliff



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