Matthew is a deaf character who appears in an episode of Switched at Birth Season 2. He is portrayed by Daniel Durant.


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Season 3Edit

He is sent on the Carlton School Retreat after the students get into a fight with the pilot program students. He is portrayed by Daniel Durant.

In season three when Carlton is more mainstreamed he decides to try and get rid of all the hearing students by making it seem as if they are targeting the deaf students by puncturing the tires of the cars of the deaf students and eventually breaking a window. Emmett reveals that it is Matthew and not the hearing students. As a result, Matthew gets suspended.

Matthew returns to Carlton in The Ambush and seems happy to make amends with Emmett. However, later in the episode Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows, he reveals himself to be Emmett's online girlfriend, Mandy. As it turns out, Matthew used pictures of his cousin, a girl who goes to college in Kansas City, to take revenge on Emmett for turning him in. To cement his revenge, Matthew films Emmett as he learns he has been catfished at their picnic area meeting spot, and then beats him up.

In Love Among the Ruins, he blackmails Emmett with a photo Emmett sent to Mandy in order to get him to lie to Principal Rose and tell that nothing happened. Melody, however, is not convinced and threatens Matthew to stay away from her son, which gets her suspended.

In Like a Snowball Down a Mountain, Bay and Emmett break into Matthew's locker to erase the pictures of Emmett on Matthew's laptop, only to discover a folder titled "Mandy" with tons of pictures of Emmett. Within the folder, Bay discovers a document called "letter," which reveals Matthew's hidden feelings for Emmett. As Bay sneaks back to Matthew's locker to return his laptop and phone, Matthew catches Bay, who confronts him about his liking Emmett. He hasn't come out about it yet, so he hurries away, angry. Toward the end of the episode, Bay talks Emmett into not turning Matthew in, and Emmett catches up with Matthew later, telling Matthew that he isn't going to turn him in and asking him why he didn't tell him about his feelings before. Matthew responds that it started as a joke that went out of hand and leaves before he finishes his sentence.

In Girl on the Cliff, Matthew reappears at the Carlton Prom. He is surprised to find out that many students are dancing outside. Emmett tells Matthew that he's glad he's here. Matthew then dances with Sharee.

In And Life Begins Right Away,


Brown, shaggy hair, pointed square face.


Little bit hostile, mood changes a lot.


Family MembersEdit

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Friends & RivalsEdit

It is confirmed in Like a Snowball Down a Mountain that Matthew has long-harbored romantic feelings for Emmett.

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Natalie tells Bay in Like a Snowball Down a Mountain that, at a party, Matthew hinted at having feelings for Emmett, but when she asked him about it later, Matthew pretended that the situation never happened, indicating his reluctance to come out.

When the students take over Carlton, Daphne inadvertently makes Matthew leave when Matthew refuses to give up his laptop and phone in order to aid the protest.

Bay tells Matthew in Like a Snowball Down a Mountain that she knows about his feelings for Emmett and that he should admit it and move on.



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