Mary Beth Tucker is an employee at Maui Kansas and a friend of Ty Mendosa and Bay Kennish


Mary Beth works at Maui, Kansas (a carnival that's open during the summer). She lost her brother, who came back home from the war, by way of suicide. Since Tyler (Ty) Mendoza was also stationed overseas, with her brother, Mary Beth & Ty have a very close relationship. Mary Beth sees Ty as a big brother figure. When Bay  Kennish gets a job at Maui, she and Mary Beth become really good friends. 


She has blonde hair, green eyes and wears glasses. She is approximately 5'3".



Travis Barnes (ex-boyfriend)

  • Start Up: As The Shadows Deepen (2x18)
  • Break Up: The Player's Choice (4x09)
    • Reason: Mary Beth felt that Travis being an athlete was driving them apart. Despite Travis going to great lengths to see her and Mary Beth admitting that she loves him, Mary Beth felt that their relationship wasn't right for her anymore.