Love Among the Ruins[note 1] is the twelfth episode of the third season of ABC Family's Switched at Birth. It is scheduled to air in June 16th, 2014, and the number of U.S. viewers is 1.17.

Official Summary

"Bay faces the consequences of her unplanned romantic encounter with Emmett, as he continues to be bullied by Matthew. Will she break up with Tank (guest star Max Adler)? Meanwhile, Daphne sets out to find the person who vandalized her mom’s design studio."[1]

Full Synopsis

At night time, outside of Kennish Mansion, Bay says to Daphne that she had just slept with Emmett and that they didn’t use any protection or birth control. Bay says that she will tell her everything in the morning but that she was hoping that Daphne would be willing to go with her in the morning to get the morning after pill. Reluctantly, Daphne agrees to go with her. John steps in and asks what’s going on, the girls just says they are fine, but they will go to bed soon.

The next morning, Emmett is seen wearing a hat ‘to cover his bruises’ from the fight with Matthew. As Emmett is about to leave, his mom stops him and asks, “What about breakfast?” Melody then sees the scrapes and bruises on his face and demands that he tell her what happened. He claims that it was from a motorcycle accident. Melody knew that he was lying because she had already taken his motorcycle away. She asks if it’s Mandy, but Emmett tells her that there is no Mandy, then asks if he can stay home for the day. Melody tells Emmett to eat some breakfast and go to school.

In the Kennish Guest House, Regina and Daphne discuss what happened at K & D. Regina assures her that the note is nothing to be concerned about, Daphne disagrees. She says it’s a threat and that something should be done about it and that they should inform the Kennish family about it. Her mom firmly says no, though she does understand that it is important to notify the Kennish parents what happened. But, she persistently insists that she wants to inform them on her own. Reluctantly, Daphne agrees to not say anything.

In the kitchen, John receives a message from Toby, who is in Iceland now, and the parents talk about the country a bit. When Bay and Daphne walk in, Kathryn asks how Bay’s studying went last night, she replies “it’s just confusing”. They all have a small chat, but Daphne secretly signs to her sister that they should go now. Bay tells their parents that they need to go to the drugstore for zit cream.

After the girls leave, Regina tells the Kennish parents a half truth about the incident, saying that “some kid broke a window at the K & D”. John says if Regina needs help, she should let him know. But, she says that she doesn’t think she will need any help, and that she’ll take of it herself. Kathryn asks Regina to pick her favorite dish for her birthday, she chooses Risotto.

At Carlton High School, Emmett bumps into Matthew and Natalie. A smirk grows upon Matthew’s face, he asks Emmett about the bruises on his face. Unaware of what happened between the two, Natalie wonders what happened to her friend. But, Emmett says that he needs to talk with Matthew alone, so Natalie takes off to let the boys talk. Emmett says to Matthew that he could get him in trouble, but he begs for them to come to a truce and move on. He scoffs, “We’ll see.” Confused, Emmett doesn’t understand why Matthew is still holding a grudge against him and can’t move on. Matthew yells at Emmett that he had a plan of how to get their Carlton back and that he “ruined it”. Emmett doesn’t agree with his idea of trying to get the hearing students kicked out of Carlton by vandalizing the vehicles that belong to deaf students. Matthew thought they had been friends for years, and now he has turned against him. Emmett begins to see that he has become “really crazy”. Emmett sternly thanks Matthew and tells him that he did him a favor by getting Bay back. He takes his cap off and storms out, leaving Matthew stunned.

Outside of Wes’ work, Regina is surprised to see that Wes’ vehicle had been trashed. Regina tells Wes what happened at K&D and then gives him a bill for the damages. Wes tells her that if anything else happens, she’ll need to let him know.

In the restaurant, Cocina Super Rica, Daphne and Monica discuss and argue a bit about who the real enemy is and why someone would do that to K & D store. Daphne insists that Monica should help find out who did that. She agrees to try locate the person.

Back at Carlton, Bay feels nauseous from the side effects of the morning after pill. Emmett finds her and runs to her. He wonders if she has been avoiding him. Bay leads him to an empty classroom so they can have a private discussion. She explains that she went to the drugstore that morning for the pill because they didn’t use any protection when they had sex. Puzzled, he says that he assumed she was on birth control. She asks him why he thought that. Emmett responds that he thought she was on birth control because she was with Ty all summer and now Tank. She clarifies two things: 1) she was only with Ty for a couple of weeks, and 2) She and Tank haven’t had sex yet. She reminds him that she is still dating Tank. Emmett asks her if she thinks that last night was a mistake, she hesitantly says yes. Bay also states that she doesn’t want to make any more mistakes. Emmett, disappointed, “This isn’t how it was supposed to happen between us.” She agrees and says that she will text him after she has a serious conversation with Tank.

Outside of Carlton, Bay and Daphne discuss about the pill, pregnancy, and teen parents. Monica comes to inform Daphne that she identified a guy named Nacho who was the person who initiated the threat. Bay asks “what’s going on?”, Daphne tells her what happened at K & D.

Emmett walks into the parking lot, he sees there are so many banners everywhere, and that they are from his old texts with “Mandy”. He is very pissed off because he knew it is all Matthew’s doing. He tears down as many banners as he possibly could...

Later, at night time, in the Kennish Mansion, John, Kathryn, Daphne, Regina and Angelo are eating their dinner and chatting. John says he doesn't understand why would someone vandalize the store. Daphne tries to response, but Regina gives her a “no” look, so she feels disappoint in her. Regina says Angelo fixed the broken window, but Kathryn asks about her car. Regina says she gave it back and she doesn't have any job anymore. Her comment puzzles Kennish parents.

When Bay joins the dinner table, she wishes Regina a Happy Birthday. Angelo goes to the kitchen to get a plate for Bay, Daphne follows. She tells Angelo about the threat and she says that she’s frustrated that Regina doesn't tell the whole truth or even seem to take it seriously. Angelo wants her to know that if she’s worried about anything, she always can go to him. Smiling, Daphne thanks him.

At the dinner table, she accidently reveals about the threat note, confusing Kennish parents. Bay then realizes Regina still doesn't tell anything yet. Now, Regina must tell the whole story to Kennish parents. They don't appreciate that Regina had encouraged Daphne to keep a secret from them that morning. Regina apologizes for not tell everything, because she thought they’ll mad at her for something dangerous. The parents tell that they are only worried about her being and aren't mad at her. John asks if she can get her job back, but Regina says Wes drop his project out. John points out that no one should change anybody’s mind over a little threat. Kathryn says, “Give ‘em hell.” Regina is pleasure to hear that.

In the garage car, Bay informs Emmett that she’s still with Tank, so she asks what does he want her to do? He tells her that he’ll see her at school and he hangs up. Daphne comes to her to move Bay’s car. Bay wonders where her sister will go to, she claims she’ll go to her friend’s. But, Bay knows it’s a lie. She says if her sister is going, she will go, too. They then leave. They goes to the bar, Daphne shows Bay that guy in orange shirt is Nacho. So they discuss, in ASL, what should to do. Bay suggests they will flirt, so they comes to talk with Nacho and his friend, Martin. They ask them to do a favor for the girls. Bay says if the guys win, the girls will buy them some beers, and if the girls win, they will do a favor for the girls. The guys accept their request and they all start to play a pool. In ASL, Daphne tells her sister that she is not interested in those guys. Bay corrects her it is not about romantic stuff. Martin asks what they did say, Bay claims how guys are so good at the game.

Regina comes to see Wes at his office, and he wishes her a Happy Birthday. She says they shouldn’t end their project just because of bullies and threats. She encourages to reconsider their stance, and also, she says she wants her job back.

At the bar, it’s Bay’s turn, so she starts to play a pool, and eventually, the girls win. Daphne amazes at her skill, and Bay says Wilkie and she used to play a pool. Now, the guys ask them what favor is. In ASL, Bay reminds her sister about K & D, so Daphne tells the guys that she wants Nacho to leave their mom alone. The guys realize they’re Regina’s kids. They abruptly leave, but the girls catch up with them. Daphne says they just want to talk, and bitterly, Nacho critiques her for (something). He calls their mom “whore”, fuming Daphne even more. Bay stops her from a possible brawl, but Daphne blurts out that her mom quitted her job and she yells at him that they must stay away from her mom.

At Bledsoe's house, Melody comes in his bedroom to ask Emmett what’s going on. He shakes his head, gesturing, “It’s nothing.” She tells him that she actually saw many banners anywhere at Carlton. She questions him about who Mandy really is and who wrote those text messages, then Emmett admits it’s all done by Matthew. But, he thinks it’s his fault and he being stupid. His mom firmly says, “No, it is not your fault.” She notes that it is definitely cyberbullying that Matthew must be punished.

At Kennish Guest House, when Regina returns, she tells Daphne that she gets her job back. Daphne is surprised to hear that, but she worries that anybody would hurt her. She says those people really hate them and Daphne doesn't want to lose her or Bay. Regina doesn’t think they should run and hide because the other people are angry at them. She is almost to spill out about what the girls were doing at the bar, but she stopped. She says she need to go to sleep, so she goes to her bedroom.

At Carlton, Melody talks, in ASL, to Principal Rose while Emmett sits at outside of the office. Matthew shows up and he shows Emmett a picture on his phone, horrifying him. Matthew asks if he still wants to turn against him. Melody calls the boys to come in the office for meeting. The principal wants to know the whole story, but Emmett changes the story and claims it’s all “joke” and all “misunderstanding”, upsetting Melody. His mom tells him that he doesn't need to be afraid of Matthew and insists Emmett does need to tell the truth. Unfortunately, her son is too coward to do it. He still says it’s nothing happen, so Matthew asks if he can go. Rose dismisses the meeting. Melody asks what exactly Matthew says to him before the meeting and why he did protect Matthew. Emmett angry at her that he wants her to drop out and doesn't want to do anything with the cyberbullying. He then left. Melody notices there is still Matthew, so she faces him and warns that he will not get away with the problem. Matthew scoffs, “You heard him. It’s all joke.” Melody slams him against the locket, threatening him to stay away from her son.

At Angelo’s home, Daphne asks Angelo two requests: 1) learning ASL, and 2) something she requests for. Her dad thought she’s very good at lipreading, so she explains it’s sometimes hard to understand or follow what he says, especially his accent. He apologized, but she says no, it’s her fault for not telling him earlier. At Kennish Guest House, Regina walks in the living room and notices there are some things whose are Angelo’s. Angelo says to Regina that it is Daphne’s idea that he’s moving in. He adds to say that he doesn't want to see anything happens to her or Daphne. Regina is delighted to see Angelo’s will to learn ASL and Daphne teaches him some signs. Regina gives him a kiss.

At Bledsoe's house, Emmett returns from the school and finds his mom in the living room. He asks what happened. Melody reveals that she just got suspended. In Bay’s room, she looks at photos, from the shoebox, of Emmett and her being together and thinks about him. Bay then leaves to see Emmett. John discovers that Bay had looked up for the morning pill on his Internet and tells Kathryn about it.

Emmett rides his motorbike to meet Bay at somewhere park. Emmett apologizes to her that he shouldn't have pressured her about Tank, so she can wait for right time. She says she will tell Tank about her true feeling. Emmett frustratedly expresses to her about the Matthew situation and his mom’s suspend. He blames himself, but she tells to listen to him that she says things could drive them apart, but she won’t let it happen to them. She adds, “We’ll always figure out.”

They kiss and hug each other.


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Daphne: "You and Emmett as teen parents is kinda freaking me out right now."

Bay talks to Emmett: "There is so much that could drive us apart, but I'm not going to let it happen."


  • In the subtitle/closed caption, Sean Berdy (Emmett) says to Marlee Matlin (Melody), "Look, I’m sorry I screwed up," while Berdy actually signs, "Look, it's really nothing. Look, I'm sorry I screwed up."
  • While Katie Leclerc (Daphne) teaches Giles Marini (Angelo) some signs, Marini incorrectly signed a word, "love". What he really said is "protect", however it's just a rookie mistake. Which is normal for ASL beginners.
  • At near ending, before Melody says she's suspended, the subtitle said, "What happened," but Emmett signs, "What’s up".

Title Reference

  1. From the 1873 painting, Love Among the Ruins by Edward Burne-Jones.



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