Lily Summers-Kennish is Toby's neighbor, and lives above him. She recently moved to Kansas City. After a short relationship with Toby she gets pregnant. Lily is the mother of Carlton Kennish.


Lily recently moved to Kansas City. She was born in America but her parents sent her to boarding school when she was 10. Attending Eastborn is a family tradition since her dad is a brit. She was a teacher at the Carlton School for the Deaf until the school shut down so she started working at UMKC with Melody. Her brother is deaf and started to learn sign language and fell in love with it. She knows British Sign Language and American Sign Language. Lily and Toby break up for a short time because Lily has feelings for a coworker at UMKC named Julian, but when she becomes pregnant and talks to Toby, she loses her feelings for him. Toby and Lily also decide to move to London with their son because Lily's parents have experience raising a special needs child.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Lily has long brown hair, brown eyes and a slim figure.


Lily doesn't like loud noises and gets annoyed easily.

Lily was born in America, came to England at age 10 and dropped the american accent and became british.


Lily is married to Toby Kennish and they have a son named Carlton, who has Down Syndrome.

Unnamed Deaf Brother

Toby Kennish (Husband)

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