"Like a Snowball Down a Mountain"[title 1] is the thirteenth episode of the third season of ABC Family's Switched at Birth. It is sixty-fourth episode of overall series. It was written by Melaine Mayron and, it was directed by James Patrick and Chad Fiveash. It was originally aired on June 23rd, 2014.


Bay and Emmett work together to combat Matthew’s blackmail threat and make an unexpected discovery. Daphne gets a big opportunity at the clinic but worries about how it affects her boyfriend Campbell (guest star RJ Mitte, “Breaking Bad”). Meanwhile, Kathryn enjoys the perks of being the author of a highly-anticipated book, until someone from her past threatens its publication.

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The episode starts off with Bay telling Tank that they should go back to being friends. Tank is really hurt. Bay goes talk to Emmett if they could not tell anyone about them. Emmett tells Bay that Matthew has a revealing picture of Emmett. Kathryn will be in the cover of a magazine. Bay wants to give Angelo a welcome surprise. Kathryn confronts Bay that she and John know that Bay took the Morning After pill. 

Dr.Jackson tells Daphne that she will be her new assistance. Kathryn is a photoshoot for a magazine cover and John feels a little jealous that she is with male models. Campbell gets sad that Dr.Jackson didn't give him the job. Bay and Emmett make a plan to delete Emmett's picture. Regina and Wes are going to East Riversidewhen Angelo and Regina see that Wes has a gun. Regina agrees to go if the gun stays in the trunk. Tank goes to Bay's house to try to speak to her but she wasn't there. Instead John tells him that Bay had to get the pill and blames Tank. Kathryn confronts Sarah about trying to stop her new book to be published.

Emmett and Bay take Matthew's laptop and phones. They see that Matthew has been stocking Emmett. Only to find out that Matthew has feelings for Emmett. Matthew catches Bay putting the stuff back and Bay tells him that they read the letter. Campbell doesn't do what Daphne tells him to do and the inspector found out. Daphne takes the blame and Campbell tells her that he should of gotten Daphne's job.

Regina forgot to order carpets so she goes back to her office to see a car there and calls 911 only to find out that the car left. Bay talks to Tank about him missing art class. But Tank tells Bay what her dad told him, he was pretty angry, he says that went Emmett cheated on her did anything make it feel better. She says no. Angelo gives Daphne advice about Campbell. Regina hides the truth from Angelo and Daphne. Kathryn tries to change the Sarah character in her book but her publisher tells her not to. Bay tells John what her and Emmett did in the park.

Regina gets a call from a private number asking if she was Regina Vasquez and then hangs up. Regina tells Wes if he could teacher on how to use a gun. Bay tells Emmett to be careful with Matthew and to be nice to him. Campbell tells Daphne that he got a job across the street and they end up with the feeling that they broke up. Emmett talks to Matthew but Matthew just storms off.



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More Heart, Less Attack Needtobreathe Emmett watches as his friend walks away after they make up.


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Title Reference

  1. From the 2002 painting, "Like a Snowball Down a Mountain" by Damien Hirst.


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