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Les Soeurs d'Estrees

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Les Soeurs d'Estrees
Season 1, Episode 14
Air date January 24, 2012
Written by Joy Gregory
Directed by Arlene Sanford
Episode Guide
"Self-Portrait With Bandaged Ear"
"Expulsion From the Garden of Eden"
Les Soeurs d'Estrees is the fourteenth episode of Switched at Birth's first season. It was aired on January 24, 2012.


John and Kathryn meet with several new possible lawyers concerning their legal issues with the hospital, but they must also deal with the lack of trust toward their daughter Daphne, who conned them into giving her the money for Emmett's fine, an idea that Kathryn believes came from Bay. Guitar Face recruits Simone to direct their music video, leading to a moment between her and Toby. John accidentally causes a rift between Angelo and Regina, while Emmett informs Melody that he is moving in with his father tired of her disapproval of Bay and making him sell his motorcycle was the final straw. Also Emmett kisses Daphne in her daydream. When back into reality, he asks what, and she noticed that she was daydreaming.


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  • Wilke: It's not fun going after something you're never going to get. That's why you've got to give up the ghost.
  • Bay [to Daphne]: Next time you and your conscience need to get on the same page.
  • Daphne [about Emmett]: I just wanted to be able to save him after all of the times he's saved me.
  • Kathryn: Virginia Wolfe wrote standing up.
  • Daphne: Hey I'm the deaf one, I said 5 bucks!
  • Melody [to Bay]: You live in a world of money. Money means choices. No money, no choices. Welcome to reality.


Title reference: From the 1594 painting, Gabrielle d'Estrees et un de ses soeurs by an unknown artist.


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