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Kathryn is married to John Kennish and is biologically the mother of Toby Kennish, Daphne Vasquez, and legally Bay Kennish. She is a published author.


Kathryn Kennish (nee Dixon) is the matriarch of an upper-class family in Mission Hills, Kansas City who finds out that the baby girl she brought home from the hospital isn't the one she gave birth to. In the first season, she connects with her biological daughter Daphne and comes to terms with the fact that Regina kept the switch quiet. She decided to write a memoir regarding her experiences of the switch, an idea John supports while Regina is skeptical of the endeavor.

She states in This Is Not a Pipe that her grandmother was Italian, making her a quarter Italian and Daphne one-eighth Italian.

In the episode Las Dos Fridas Kathryn has a fight with her visiting mother Bonnie, when Bonnie makes a comment about Bay's Puerto Rican heritage.

In The Shock of Being Seen, Kathryn has a meltdown with Regina and is crushed over the fact that she never realized that Bay wasn't her biological daughter.

In Tree of Forgiveness, Kathyrn notices Toby has been in a creative slump so she tricks him into showing up at a church gig.

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Kathryn is very independent and open to tell the story of her experiences, as shown by her rejecting offers made by Tina Choi and her husband John (who was bringing up the subject on behalf of his friend, Sarah Lazar). She is a sensitive mother and easily gets hurt. However, she is also extremely loving and equal to all of her children and is the softer in dealing with the kids than John.

​Physical AppearanceEdit

Kathryn's strawberry blonde hair is inherited by her biological daughter Daphne. She is 5'5". She also has chocolate-brown eyes and thin lips. Kathryn's signature hairdo is mid-chest length, curled outwards, with a few wispy bangs in front. 


The Kennish family's first lawyer, Amanda Burke, divulges that Kathryn's father had issues with the IRS, which could (but so far haven't) come up in the Kennish's suit against the hospital that switched Bay and Daphne. 



  • Kathryn has had three pregnancies. She miscarried in between the births of Toby and Daphne.
  • Kathryn is a Republican. (The Door to Freedom)
  • It took four years of trying before Kathryn was able to get pregnant with Toby. (The Awakening Conscience)
  • Kathryn was molested at age 17 by her bestfriend's brother

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