Josh Padden is a recurring character in Season Four of Switched at Birth. He interprets for Daphne in her Chemistry class, through much pleading.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Josh is tall and slender, with light brown hair and gray eyes. He often supports stubble. He generally dresses in button-ups, cardigans, and chinos.


Josh is stubborn and refuses to interpret for Daphne at first. He is hot headed, blowing up at Daphne's study group because they held a meeting without her. He explains how he always had to fight his deaf parent's battles, so he has to adjust to her being an "empowered deafie"


Josh grew up with two deaf parents. He took Daphne's chemistry class the year before her and had a meltdown because of it. He used some "choice words" on Professor Marillo.


It is suggested he is seeing Vimla, a classmate of Daphne's. She was originally cold to the both of them and Josh told her off on it. They later go to a movie together.

Later in the season, it is discovered that Josh actually likes Mingo, which is shown when he kisses him while giving Mingo sign language lessons.