Jorge Castillo is a recurring character who appears in Drowning Girl, the first episode of Switched at Birth Season Three. He is portrayed by David Castaneda


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Jorge is Daphne's supervisor while she serves her community service time at the free clinic; he decided to work as a nurse after being inspired by the way nurses treated his ailing mother.. He shows romantic interest in Daphne, despite his family's disapproval, and even starts taking an ASL class so that he and Daphne can communicate better. Throughout her time at the clinic, Daphne waffles between wanting to be with Jorge and Campbell. Jorge continues to pursue her despite her indecision.

Eventually, Daphne chooses Campbell over Jorge.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jorge has brown eyes with short dark brown hair. He is Mexican ethnicity.


Jorge is a kind, family-oriented guy. He really cares for Daphne.


Daphne (ex-girlfriend)

Family MembersEdit

He has many Hispanic relatives, siblings, cousins, etc., with whom he speaks Spanish. This includes Mario, Angelica, Nadia, Tia Gema, Alfredo, Homero, and Tio Beto, as well as his sister Tina, who doesn't like Daphne.


Daphne Vasquez

Friends & RivalsEdit

Daphne Vasquez



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