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John Kennish
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Basic Information
Birth Name John Kennish
Age 50
Gender Male
Birthdate c. 1967
Occupations Kennish Car Wash manager
State Senator
Basketball Coach at Carlton (former)
Third-baseman (retired)
Status Married to
Kathryn Kennish
Family Members
Parents Bill Kennish (father)
Children Daphne Vasquez (biological daughter)
Toby Kennish (son)
Bay Kennish (legal daughter)
Other Relatives Bonnie Tamblyn-Dixon (mother-in-law)
Nikki Papagus (former daughter in law) Carlton Summers (grandson)
Show Information
Portrayed by D.W. Moffett
First appearance This Is Not a Pipe
Latest appearance And Always Searching for Beauty

John Kennish is married to Kathryn Kennish and the father of Daphne Vasquez, Toby Kennish and Bay Kennish.


Senator John Kennish is the former third-baseman for the Kansas City Royals. Since his retirement from pro athletics however, John has run a chain of Kennish Carwashes. He is lovingly married to his wife Kathryn for at least eighteen years (according to the age of their older child Toby). He is also the legal father to Bay Kennish and biological father of Daphne Vasquez who inherited his athleticism. John was the one who pointed out the impossibility of Bay's bloodtype which set the life-changing realization that his daughter was switched at birth with another girl into motion. He has done his best to be accepting of the situation, often being the voice of reason in disagreements between Kathryn and Regina. Despite their getting off on the wrong foot, John seems to have a budding friendship with Melody Bledsoe the mother of his daughter's best friend, and spent much of the Buckner Hall scholarship fundraiser telling her stories of his past sports triumphs. He has trouble trusting Regina since the secret came out that she knew about the switch and verbally attacks her often before and after she is kicked out of the guesthouse. If Bay had not insisted otherwise John would not have allowed Regina to attend her daughters' birthday party.

In The Shock of Being Seen- John receives a phone call regarding Bay and the fact that she's now on academic probation. She doesn't care about her homework because she's heading to art school after high school, a plan neither parent seems to approve of much. They also don't approve of her biological father Angelo, offering to help her with her French homework.

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​Physical Appearance and Personality

John is extremely driven, and tries to instill that quality in all three of his children to the point where they often push him away. It is stated by several including Melody Bledsoe and Regina Vasquez that the Kennish family does not understand the value of things, because of John's affluence. John has light dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

He seems to be rather competitive and athletic, and had always pushed his children to attend sporting events. 


  • Kathryn Kennish (wife)
  • Married:  August 16, 1990
  • First date: November 2, 1989
  • Jennice (kissed)


  • John is a Republican.
  • Turned down a football scholarship to University Of Iowa to play in Major League Baseball. 

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