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Coffee Server at Senator John Kennish's Office.



Daphne Vasquez (ex-girlfriend)

First Appearance
First Appearance: Mother and Child Divided
Latest Appearance: Departure of Summer

Matt Kane

Jace is a  recurring character on Switched At Birth. He was working as a coffee server when he was first encountered by Bay and Daphne. He was slated as a "potential love interest" for Daphne Vasquez, quickly becoming her boyfriend after she kisses him admist a breakdown. 


Jace is from Britain and is a coffee shop barista. He grew up geocaching. His goal is to learn one new thing a month and decides he'd like to learn how to use sign language for a month after seeing Bay and Daphne argue, Daphne tells him he can't learn to sign in a month and he to watch him. He learns quickly. He even goes geocaching with Daphne one night and the two share a kiss after Daphne has a minor blow up over Regina living with Bay and Angelo instead of with her. Jace was a temporary love interest of Daphne. In Departure Of Summer he and Daphne expose Senator Chip Coto as corrupt and a shameless womanizer ending his career and marriage. Although this gets Jace deported, he's happy that he and Daphne did the right thing.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Jace has auburn hair and brown eyes. He first appears in Mother and Daughter Divided and is shown to be very smart and tells Daphne he will learn to sign in a month, which he does. He likes geocaching and runs a political blog. He also is from England.


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