"It Isn't What You Think" is the eighteenth episode of the Season Three of ABC Family's Switched at Birth. It was written by J.R. Phillips and Henry Robles, and it was directed by Ron Lagomarsino. It was aired on July 28, 2014.


When Bay offers to be moral support for Tank as he meets his father for dinner, she finds that she may have bitten off more than she can chew. Toby continues to stir things up with Lily, yet a conflict regarding a make-up test for Sharee raises unwanted confrontation between the two. Meanwhile, Daphne and Travis make life-changing decisions when they find out their admission results from Gallaudet University.

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Bay looks up the possibilities of aneurysms being hereditary. Kathryn walks in, and Bay tells her that she was looking at other art schools. Kathryn asks her to bring a casserole over to Toby's house.

At Toby's apartment, Tank is sitting amidst a mess, playing video games. Toby asks if they can lay down ground rules. He asks Tank to pay his rent on time and not leave his boxers on the furniture. Tank asks that he has privacy with the ladies. As they're discussing, Toby gets a call from a college field hockey coach. Bay knocks on the door, and Tank answers it. Bay is upset and tells Tank that it's awkward. Tank tells her off, reminding her that she cheated on him and he had depledged his fraternity for her. He takes the casserole and slams the door in her face.

Meanwhile, Gallaudet acceptance letters are being sent out. Emmett is accepted. He and Melody celebrate briefly before finding out that Travis didn't get in. Emmett tells Travis he is sorry and Melody tells Travis not to give up, promising that she'll look into it. The boys leave for school.

Daphne also gets into Gallaudet. John and Kathryn congratulate her, and John asks her when she'll hear from the pre-med schools she applied to. Daphne leaves once they mention that Regina will be proud. John wonders out loud if Daphne is still mad, and Kathryn says they need to give her more time.

Wes stops by Regina's house with a basket of muffins. He tells Regina he's sorry about Angelo. She thanks him and asks how the East Riverside project is going. He tells her that they're breaking ground tomorrow and Regina asks if she can come. Wes says he'd love for her to come. They start to eat muffins when Daphne enters. Covering his mouth while he chews, he introduces himself, saying that it's nice to meet her. Daphne, upset, snaps at him, saying that she needs to see his mouth when he talks. She signs to Regina, saying, "You never told your arms dealer I was deaf?" Regina tells her it never came up. Wes apologizes. Daphne asks abruptly why he's there. Regina scolds her for her rudeness, and Wes tells Daphne about the ground-breaking ceremony. Daphne snaps at her mother for getting over Angelo's death so quickly, and Wes awkwardly suggests that he leaves. Daphne goes to school. 

At Carlton, Toby finds Sharee. He gives her a toy gnome and asks about her mom. She tells him that her mom is doing well. Toby tells her about the college coach calling him, and he says that the coach told him that Sharee had forgotten to turn in a few forms with her scholarship. Sharee tells Toby that she didn't see a point in turning them in because she was failing English. She says that she bombed a big test because she was distracted with everything going on with her mom, and Miss Summers doesn't give remake tests. Toby recognizes Lily's name and leaves to talk to her. As he's walking away, Bay sees him, and she sarcastically thanks him for telling her about Tank. Toby tells her that Tank's in a bad mood because his dad is coming into town and Tank hasn't told him about depledging his fraternity yet. 

Bay goes to art class. She sits next to Tank and says hi. He responds curtly, and Bay tells him that it won't be easy for them to get along, and he says he isn't going to move out of Toby's apartment. She tells him that she didn't mean that, but she hates that he hates her so much. He tells her that he's sorry about Angelo. She says she's sorry about the situation with his dad, and she offers to go with him when he tells his dad for moral support. He agrees. 

Daphne goes to the community center and finds Nacho. She apologizes for playing him and she tells him that her mom lied to her about not working on the East Riverside project, and says that her mom has changed. Daphne tells him about the ground-breaking ceremony and Nacho says that they could rain on their parade. She tells him that she won't say anything and starts to leave. He chases after her and asks if she wants to come with him. At first she rejects it, but then she agrees to meet him later that night. 

Toby goes into Lily's classroom and comments on the classical music she's listening to, which they have in common. He asks her if she'd be willing to give Sharee a retest and mentions Sharee's mom. Lily says she's aware of the situation, but Sharee had weeks to prepare. She accuses Toby of attacking her and telling her how to do her job. Toby says that Sharee's future is on the line. Lily says that it isn't her problem and she leaves.

In Ms. Bledsoe's office, Melody tells Travis that it was a record year for applications at Gallaudet, and it wasn't just him that got rejected even though he had perfect qualifications. She tells him that he has other options. He says that he doesn't want to go to a hearing school and tells her not to worry, that he'll move out after graduation. She says she isn't worried about that, but Travis leaves.

Bay and Emmett are walking through Carlton's campus. Bay expresses her sympathy for Travis, saying she knows how he feels. She says that the four of them (her, Emmett, Travis, and Mary Beth) should go out to do something fun to get his mind off it. He asks her if she wants to go out for dinner that night to celebrate Emmett getting into Gallaudet. She says she can't because she's having dinner with Tank and his dad, and that Tank is telling his dad about depledging. Emmett is upset about it. Bay says that it's a big deal, and Emmett says that him getting into Gallaudet is a big deal too. She agrees, but she says that she did something awful to Tank and that she owes it to him. Emmett asks why Tank can't find somebody else and Bay tells him that Tank doesn't have very many friends right now. She tells him that it's one dinner and that it'll be boring and awkward, but they both owe it to Tank. Emmett tells her to leave him out of it, and he leaves on his motorcycle.

At the dinner, Tank tells Bay that she looks gorgeous. She thanks him awkwardly. He tells her that he hasn't told his dad that they broke up yet, and he asks her to play along. Before she can answer, Tank's dad arrives. Tank introduces Bay to his dad, Chuck, and his dad compliments Bay, saying that Tank had mentioned how gorgeous she was. While his dad is ordering, Bay shoots Tank a look. Chuck thanks the two "lovebirds" for coming to have dinner with him because he's sure they'd rather be alone. He then asks why they're sitting so far apart. Tank scoots closer and grabs Bay's hand. Bay gives them both an uncomfortable smile. 

Travis is with his friend, Garrett, who dropped out of Carlton. Travis tells Garrett that he moved in with Melody. He asks if Garrett regrets dropping out. Garrett says no way and asks why Travis is still there. Travis says that he thought he was going to go to college, but now he wants to see what other options there are. He comments on how happy Garrett is, and Garrett agrees. He says that he could talk to his boss and ask if they're hiring so Travis could work with him. 

Daphne and Nacho break into the East Riverside project. They spraypaint over Wes's name and destroy the set, knocking things over and spraypainting over all the signs. Nacho pours something into the tank of the construction vehicles and smashes the window. Daphne seems reluctant at first, but she smashes windows with him too. 

Lily knocks on Toby's door, and accuses him of going to Melody and telling her about the situation with Sharee. She asks why he cares about Sharee so much, and he says he's trying to help her out. They continue to argue and he steps closer as she says that she barely knows him. He agrees, but he quiets quickly and when she asks why he's staring at her, he kisses her. They're both shocked, but they kiss again and go into the apartment. 

Meanwhile, at the dinner with Tank's dad, and he asks about the fraternity. Tank quiets. Bay says, "Well, actually..." And Tank tells his dad about depledging. Chuck is shocked. Bay tells him how awful they were to Tank and other people. Tank tells him that he wants to try new things and Chuck angrily tells Bay that it's her fault, that Tank changed for her. Tank tells his dad that he and Bay broke up. He tells Chuck that he's telling him this for his information, not his approval. Chuck leaves angrily.

Daphne and Nacho are leaving the site of the East Riverside project. Daphne says she can't believe she did that because she's on probation, shocking Nacho. She tells him that she blackmailed a politician. He compliments her and they kiss. Things quickly get heated, but she tells him to slow down, and that they should go. He agrees. 

Melody and Gabe are talking about Travis. She says she sees kids give up because of one rejection and Gabe suggests they look into other nearby schools, but Melody is afraid that Travis will drop out of a hearing school. She says she feels helpless. Gabe reminds her about the uprising at Gallaudet when she attended, and asked what that Melody would do. 

Back at the dinner, Bay asks Tank if his dad will cut him off, and he says he doesn't know or care. She tries to cheer him up. He apologizes of the awkwardness and thanks her for coming. He apologizes for the way he treated her at Toby's apartment. She says she deserved it, and asks if they can be friends. He says he would love it. She says she has to tell him something and asks him to not tell anyone. They leave the restaurant.

At Toby's apartment, he and Lily are in bed. He fist pumps and she teases him for it. She tells him that she's American, but that she went to a boarding school in Britain when she was 10. She starts to leave, and he brings up the situation with Sharee. Lily thinks that he only had sex with her to get what he wanted with Sharee, and she tells him to pretend this never happened, and she leaves.

In the driveway at the Kennish house, Bay tells Tank about the possibility of her having an aneurism condition. He asks her a bunch of questions and she gets angry, saying that she hasn't seen a doctor. He asks why she hasn't, and she says that it'll make it all too real. He offers to go with her to the doctor and she says no, and he says that it's because she has a boyfriend. He tells her that she needs to see a doctor. She thanks him and leaves.

At the East Riverside site, Wes is looking through the damage. Regina shows up and Wes tells her that the vandals put sand in the oil fillers of the tractors, ruining them. He says that the contractor had dropped them in fear that the vandalism would continue, and that he'd called five other contractors with no success. He admits that there was one contractor who was willing to take on the project. When Regina finds out that it's Chip Coto's company, she refuses, but Wes tells her that it's their only option. 

At Carlton, Melody stops Daphne after class and congratulates her for getting into Gallaudet. Daphne is obviously not thrilled, and Melody asks what's wrong. Daphne says that people change, just like her mom. She says that Angelo's died and Regina is just pretending that everything is normal. Melody agrees, saying that it's a tragedy. She says that Regina is incredible and that she's just trying to pick up the pieces and that Regina and Daphne need each other. Daphne, teary-eyed, leaves the classroom.

In the hallway, she texts Regina and asks if she's at home. Regina tells her that she's at Wes's office. 

Toby stops Lily in the hallway at Carlton. She curtly asks him what he wants and he gives her a present - earplugs, because her "jerk of a downstairs neighbor is loud." He tells her that them sleeping together had nothing to do with Sharee. Lily tells him that her brother's deafness caused people to make things easier for him, but it wasn't until they made him try on his own that he realized his capabilities. She says that she has to go because she has a student in a make-up test, and after finding out that it's Sharee, Toby fist pumps. Lily notes that he does that a lot, and Toby says he only does it when he's happy. 

Daphne pulls up to Wes's office and notices her mom shaking hands with Chip Coto. Angry, she drives away. 

Melody is video-chatting with a Gallaudet representative. She suggests that Gallaudet partners with a nearby university to make a satellite school. She says that the local school would provide facilities, and that Gallaudet would provide the teachers and the curriculum. She says that hypothetically, if one was set up in KC, students would come from all over the midwestern states. The representative asks where they would get money, and Melody says that's her next challenge.

Travis finds Garrett at his job. Garrett tells him that they're hiring, and his manager wants Travis to fill out an application and that he could start on Monday. Travis says that he has a job at the carwash. Garrett says that at Carlton, they tell kids that they can be presidents or astronauts, but realistically, a deaf kid getting a job unloading boxes at a warehouse is a really good deal. He tells Travis that the opportunity won't last. Travis says okay. 

In her studio, Bay calls the doctor who operated on Angelo. She makes an appointment to see him.

Daphne goes back to the community center and finds Nacho. She grabs him and kisses him. He asks her what happened to slowing down, and she says it's full speed ahead. They leave together. 

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  • Title reference: From the 2009 painting, It Isn't What You Think by Christopher Willard.


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