Introducing the Miracle is the 10th episode of the second season of Switched at Birth.


After Daphne’s negotiations with the school board, the board agrees to keep Carlton open, but only 50% deaf. Adrianna returns and helps Regina comes to terms with her alcoholism. Angelo offers to pay for Regina’s rehab, and she agrees to go, knowing that she must leave Daphne under the Kennishes' care while she is gone.

Bay breaks up with Noah when she realizes he has feelings for Daphne. This puts Bay and Daphne at odds, on top of Bay still feeling hurt by Daphne’s stance on hearing students, during the sit-in at Carlton. Patricia Sawyer withdraws from the race, and John wins the state senate seat. Meanwhile, Toby and Nikki shock everyone by getting engaged.

Lana gives birth to a baby girl and disappears with the baby soon after.

The Cast

Main Stars

Recurring Roles


  • Carlease Burke as Principal Rose
  • Tom Choi as Reporter
  • Brian Gutierrez as Cody
  • Brandon J. Sornberger as Staffer

Music Featured



  • Title reference: From the 1916 painting, Introducing the Miracle, by Paul Klee.

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