This article address what important notice is for concerning copyright issues. It will help this Wikia and us to avoid having a serious crisis with ABC Family company itself. Also, it will help to identity any image, any photo and any video more easier.

The "DOs and DONTs" list following by:

  • All images are only accepted if those are come from Official ABC Family itself.
  • Please do not upload any images and any videos whose will violate any copyright issues. We only accept if it comes from Amazon, Hulu and Official ABC Family. Also, it does apply to official links whose made by ABC Family itself, following by: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • While we do accept to use official photos, images and videos, ABC Family still reserves the right to ask us to remove any or all pictures from this wiki.
  • No fan arts or fan-made materials in any gallery.
  • No watermarked photos.
  • Any images must be clear and readable. No cropped ones please.
  • If you are going to upload, please be sure that you place it in its proper chronological gallery whether it has a tabber code or not.
  • As for naming style files, you must rename any image or video files. 1x01 to 1x30 are the first season of 30 episodes, 2x01 to 2x21 are the second season of 21 episodes, and 3x01 to 3x22 are the third season of 22 episodes. Lastly, the fourth season has all 10 episodes (4x01-410) and it's still ongoing. It will help us to find which season or episode is.
    • If an image has characters, please be sure you add all names after season, episode, location and the dash symbol. It's not just characters, but it can be animals, and/or objects.
      1x03 Carlton - Daphne Bay Emmett
      2x04 Kennish House - All Family
      3x09 Carlton - Daphne Dog)
    • If an image has a special event like happy birthday (graduation, party, or others), please add an event after season, episode, and the dash sybmol.
      1x10 Carlton Prom - Bay Emmett
      2x09 Deaf Protest - Bay Daphne Matt Natalie
      3x22 Christmas - Vasquez Kennish Families)
  • If a video said "sneak peek", please use what title said plus a number of both season and episode.
    (Example: 4x06 Sneak Peek Bay Kathryn Regina.)
  • If a video said "official preview", please use "YxZ Official Preview #". (Example: 4x06 Official Preview 4.)
  • If an image is promotional, then it is "YxZZ Promo #".
    (Example: 1x01 Promo 5, 4x04 Promo 3, etc.)
  • If it is for Infobox, please use "Infobox YxZZ character" or "Infobox YxZZ group".
    (Example: Infobox 1x01 Bay, Infobox 4x01 Kennish Vasquez Group).

If users do not comply with the rules at first, they will be notified. But, if they still persist, then they might be temporarily banned. If you have any questions about our image policy, please ask any admins and/or mods. Thanks~

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