"I Lock the Door Upon Myself"[title 1] is the third episode of ABC Family's Switched at Birth Season Four, and it is the seventy-seventh episode of the series overall. It was written by William H. Brown and directed by Glenn Steelman. It was originally aired on January 20th, 2015.


Bay gets an interview for a long-awaited submission with the Kansas City Artist Showcase to have her art be part of a public display but realizes her current status may prevent her from qualifying. When a dorm resident continues to prank the deaf students, Daphne challenges him to a dorm triathlon.

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Featured Music

Song Artist Notes Link
I’m Ready To Go (Kung Fu Rock Mix) Captain Funk The triathlon tug of war begins. To be added.
Reno The Gods Of Macho The triathlon “Butts Up” competition. YouTube
Simple Things Kyle Reynolds Eric tells Regina he wants to kiss her then they kiss which turns into something more. YouTube
It’s On The Magic Travis impresses John with his fastball. To be added.
I Won’t Surrender 1985 The dorm triathlon has its final event the "Mud Run". To be added.
Put On Your Neon Donora Toby & Bay arrived to the Mud Run and see how much fun Daphne was having which causes a argument between Bay & Daphne; Daphne tries to lighten the mood with a mud fight between herself, Bay & Toby. YouTube


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Title Reference

  1. From the 1891 painting, I Lock the Door Upon Myself, by Fernand Khnopff.


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