Hilary is a minor character who first appears in Girl on the Cliff, the twentieth episode of Season Three. She is the girlfriend of Natalie Pierce. She is portrayed by Abby Walla.


In Like a Snowball Down a Mountain, Natalie Pierce mentions to Bay that she is with a wonderful girl. It is unknown, though highly possible, if this girl is Hilary.

In Girl on the Cliff, Hilary first appears in the Carlton School Hall, with her arm around Natalie. The Prom King and Queen are announced to be Bay and Emmett, though Bay does not want this. Natalie responds by offering to be Queen, and Hilary offers to be king. They then make out in the school hall, with everyone cheering on. Later, it is discovered that the school has enacted a dress code for the Prom. All boys must wear tuxedos and all girls must wear dresses. Hilary, however, prefers wearing a tux. She hates dresses and hasn't worn one since she was 2. Because of this, she does not want to go to prom, much to Natalie's disappointment. However, Bay, Natalie and Mary Beth decide to wear tuxedos to the prom as a show of support. At the Prom, however, they are turned away, so Bay, Emmett, Mary Beth, Travis, Natalie and Hilary decide to have an outside prom. Other students, including Sharee and Matthew, join them. Natalie and Hilary have much fun. Natalie is grateful to Bay for all this support.

In And Life Begins Right Away,


Family MembersEdit

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  • Natalie Pierce (Girlfriend)
    • Hilary and Natalie are in a lesbian relationship together. They are clearly happy and Hilary is often seen with her arm around Natalie's shoulder.

Friends & RivalsEdit

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