"Fog and Storm and Rain"[title 1] is the Seventh episode of ABC Family's Switched at Birth Season Four, and it is the eighty-first episode of the series overall. It was written by William H. Brown and directed by Lea Thompson. It was originally aired on February 17th, 2015.


As a severe storm warning forces everyone to hunker down indoors, Kathryn’s mom Bonnie (guest star Meredith Baxter, “Family Ties”) comes for a visit, bringing her friend Lucille (guest star Joanna Cassidy, “Six Feet Under”), and delivers some unexpected news to Kathryn. Bay finds that Emmett is avoiding any discussion of what triggered the UMKC investigation.

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Music Featured

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Rescue My Heart Liz Longley Bay looks at Emmett's photoshopped picture of them on her phone when John finds her, Bay tells him that she told Emmett everything that happened and that she thinks she’s lost him. To be added.


To be added.


  • It is second time (?) that Lea Thompson directed this episode along [(Episode) and ???]


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Title Reference

  1. From the 1996 painting, Fog and Storm and Rain, by Eyvind Earle.


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